Skin care in the 50’s

Though you can no longer rely on nature to keep your skin crease free and soft, all the care and pampering, that you had splurged in, during your earlier years will make you feel that beauty grows with age. You face will have a matured, contented and serene look.

However menopause, falling oestrogen levels, slowing down of body’s metabolism takes its toll on the skin – there is a loss of tone on the skin and it begins to sag, which leads to further loss of color on the face and lips. So this is the time when a pro-active skin-care routine can make a big difference to a woman.

There are no quick fixes at this stage of your life as at this age beauty comes from taking care of yourself, eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, and regular exercise. Now using the best skin-care products and a good moisturizer to maintain the moisture of your skin is most important. The failure to moisturize skin properly during menopause makes the skin even drier. A sunscreen based moisturizer during the day and an AHA cream based moisturizer for the evenings are recommended.

Continue with the regular skin care regimen of your 30s and 40s in your 50s also. But you need to pay more attention to the neck, as the wrinkles on the neck will show your age easily. While massaging your face, take care to massage your neck also. Moisturize your neck properly. Also go through the posts, Skin care at night, Skin care during daytime and Home Facials.

A regular care of the hair is also most important. Continue with the hair care routine of your 40s. If you wish to cover your gray, use dyes or hair-colors of reputed companies. Be regular to your hair-color routine, otherwise, silvery strands peeping out of your mane will be a cause of embarrassment for you.

Nutritious food and regular hair-care is the key to a “beautiful you” at 50. tags: Skin-care
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  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Stick to your daily skin care ritual.
    Be aggressive with encouraging skin cell turnover by using glycolic peels and frequent exfoliation. If you've spent time in the sun, the damage is showing as sagging skin from collagen and elastin damage. Deep brown pigmentation spots are another result of sun damage. You can reverse some of this damage by the use of cosmeceuiticals, vitamin C, and alpha lipoic acid. Both glycolic peels and Retin A or Renova assist the skin in rebuilding collagen.
    . Eat the foods that nourish your skin, including essential fatty acids (EFAs) and plenty of vegetables and fruits daily. Avoid all junk food, alcoholic beverages, caffeine, and sodas.

    Get outside more and often using plenty of sunscreen. Regular massage and lymph drainage will help perk up your skin.
    Now is a good time to consider a surgical face lift. This proves to be a good investment because the results can last up to 10 years.

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Change your hairstyle to something short. Our hair begins to thin as we age, and keeping your hair short gives it a lift and body.
    Lighten up and wear lighter colors near your face. Soft colors, like white, beige and the pastels bring light to your face and lend a glow to it. You can still wear dark colors, but avoid bringing them close to your face.
    Begin wearing collars that hide the wrinkles of your neck and bring attention to your face. A turned-up or a stand-up collar perhaps, or a turtleneck, will do the trick.
    If you have seen Laws of Attraction, that movie where Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore played opposing divorce lawyers who eventually fell in love with each other, you would be familiar with the words of Julianne Moores mothers character: The shoulders are always the last to go.She is right. Along with the legs, the shoulders are slow to age. You can wear clothes that flatter your shoulders.

  3. Prakash11:11 AM

    Fat intake should be decreased and taken according to energy requirements for specific body weight.Protein should neither be decreased nor increased. They should be taken as before. i.e, one gram per kilo body weight.Iron is also recommend. Extra calcium is very necessary.

  4. Dharitri11:57 AM

    Great ideas even for those of us just obsessed with beauty.

  5. Indira9:06 AM

    If you take gorgeous care of your skin as early as possible, your skin will stay pretty even longer. If you're hiding behind your foundation, you might even get to the point where you feel your skin is prettier without any makeup!

  6. Janhvi11:04 AM

    We always applied makeup for all ages, different age so was also his way to applied makeup, very helpful by the way thanks.

  7. Sharada4:23 PM

    Many women feel uncomfortable without their make up and wish they had the natural beauty and self confidence to look good as soon as they wake up, or at the gym or beach.

  8. Beauty Expert6:25 PM

    Homemade Facial mask for aging or maturing skin
    Take 3 Tbsp sugar and dissolve it in 4 Tbsp warm water.
    This mask is good for maturing skin and will help soften the wrinkle lines.

  9. Anonymous11:02 AM

    * One or more serving of fruit a day
    * At least 2-3 servings of seafood a day
    * 8 glasses of water a day (at least)
    * 1-3 servings of calcium
    * 3-5 servings of fruit a day
    * 1-2 servings of carbs (or grain)

    When it comes to your skin it is what you take in that can result in the quality and care you take towards yourself internally. By having a healthy diet and also time to exercise (at least 1 hour a day) you will suddenly see results in how your skin will change.

  10. It is always necessary to use a moisturizer before any makeup. The moisturizer should contain serums and creams rich in antioxidants and retinols to fight those fine lines.

  11. Kousalya9:00 AM

    Talk to your doctor about bone health and whether you need a bone mineral density (BMD) test,Work with your doctor to develop a fitness plan and
    Know your medicine


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