Plucking your hair

Plucking with tweezers is almost exclusively reserved for the eyebrows, but it is a good way to remove stray hair on any part – on the chin and above the lips.

As plucking can be a rather painful process, the skin should be held tight and the hair should be plucked in the direction of the growth. Then pat on an astringent. Plucking against the direction of the hair growth can cause the hair to break at the skin surface and so would reappear sooner. Plucking in the wrong direction can distort the follicle or root. This may result in the hair growing at a different angle.

However the hairs which emerge from the moles and warts should not be plucked. If they are unsightly, simply, cut them short against the skin. tags:Hair pic

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  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    plucking your hair makes the hair come in thinner and less noticeable. if you pluck, soon enough the hairs will be gone ( im talking years). shaving is what makes the hairs thicker and darker.

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Plucking does NOT make the hair grow back thinner, although it may appear to make the hair less noticeable. Hair grows in cycles, so it will take some hairs longer to grow out than others. This might give the effect that the hair is thinner, but that is not the case.

  3. unknown9:13 AM

    Tweezers come in a variety of tip shapes, including pointed, blunt and tapered, so you can easily choose one that you feel comfortable with when plucking unwanted hair. This method is especially suggested if you have only few hairs to remove and you want to get rid of those hairs fast.

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    While it is true that plucking hairs when they're in the telogen phase of growth will stimulate them to start the anagen phase (further explanation in next paragraph), repeated plucking can also damage the hair follicle so that hair will not grow back at all. (This is why repeated overplucking of eyebrows can make them so thin.)

    Hair has three growth phases:
    Anagen - protein and keratin cause the hair to grow. Lasts from a month to several years.
    Catagen - resting phase. No growth.
    Telogen - the hair follicle shuts down. Hair is shed, and the anagen phase starts over.

    Obviously when you pluck or wax, you don't know what stage each hair is in, so some of it will grow back quickly and some won't. And the length of each phase can be different with each individual.

  5. unknown9:32 AM

    you could try a delipiratory cream for facial areas i think sally hansen makes something like that
    my friend tries this stuff and she says it really works use it about every 2-4 weeks


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