Tips for spectacle users

Some tips for spectacle users:
woman wearing  specs
  • Do not leave your glasses in such a position where the lenses come into contact with a rough surface. The glasses must rest on the frame and not on the lens.
  • Do not leave your spectacles on hot surfaces like kitchen counters and car dashboards.
  • specatacle caseUse a stiff case or a spectacles box rather than a pouch. If you have to carry spectacles in your handbag, whenever there is some pressure on the bag the soft case might not protect the glasses from breakage.
  • Clean the lenses with a soft cloth regularly.
  • Keep spectacles dust free and free of scratches as much as possible.

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  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I have a round face and wear rectangular glasses. I am told they suit me!

  2. Anonymous2:56 PM

    the fatter your face, the bigger the glasses wide can be, the longer, the taller, the rounder, the rounder and so on
    I.e. if you have a fat round face, get giant semi-round (never get perfectly circular) glasses, if you have a skinny small face, gert like small rectangle glasses


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