Care of hands and feet in winter

massage petroleum jelly
Keep your hands warm
If you are going out in the cold, wear gloves to protect your hands and maintain your body heat. At night use a lot of hand lotion or petroleum jelly. Massage it in. Don’t forget your elbows, cream your hands, palm a little on your elbow and rub.

Get rid of roughness
A treatment for your rough elbows and red chapped hands is to place half teaspoon of sugar in the palm of your hand and cover with a squirt of olive oil. Massage hands and elbows briskly for a few minutes and wash with warm soapy water. Moisturize using a rich creamy moisturizer.

massage feetThe dry cold winter months play havoc on the feet. Rub warm olive oil into calluses and dry spots on your feet. Massage the oil by pushing the toe knuckle back each time and working towards the arc of the feet in a rotating kneading motion, follow it up to the heels. The after effect of this massage should make you feel relaxed. Also read the post Pamper your feet.

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  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Our hands are miraculous tools! God's design is amazing! Great article. :)

  2. Lakshmi9:25 AM

    Your elbows and knees become dark, dry and scaly here is an easy tip to cure your elbows and knees.
    Mash up some pineapple (Fresh pineapple is ideal, but you can use canned as well) in the blender and rub it into your elbows and knees. Leave it on for about 15 minutes so the natural enzymes can do their work. Rinse off and apply a rich moisturizer or Vaseline.

  3. Pushpa9:36 AM

    Get accustomed to using rubber gloves whenever you do housework. Prevent your hands from aging or abusing. Protect your hands from dry weather as well as protecting them from the sun. Use daily a protective barrier.

  4. The skin around the knees and elbows are usually devoid of oil glands. That is why it gets dry so fast. This is the reason why elbows and knees get dark early. It is a simple grubby that is built up from dead cells and dirt. They give a horrible look if they are not properly cared. Apply coconut oil on the elbows and knees to eliminate the dryness.. Using pumice stone is a good cure. Knees and elbows must be cleaned daily with mild stone. Apply moisturizer after taking bath.Put a blend of lime and juice on elbows and knee.

  5. Raveena10:00 AM

    Mix 1 teaspoon coconut oil with a teaspoon of lime juice. Apply and wash in the same way with a hot towel.

  6. Sulochana8:37 AM

    Take half of squeezed lemon and pour half a teaspoon of coconut oil in lemon skin, rub on dry and dark elbows and knees to help with spots.

  7. Anonymous9:58 AM

    a tablespoon or so of lime juice, 3 tablespoon olive oil, and 1/2 cup sugar or salt. Make a thick and spreadable paste. (You may need to add more olive oil, I'm kinda just guessing the amount that i use) and take a stiff brush that you can usually find in the Nail or foot care section of a store, and *gently* exfoliate. Rinse with warm water and pat your knees dry, then wait a few hours to make sure your pores are totally closed and find some scentless, very gentle, nice lotion (cocoa butter might be nice!) and apply just a little bit of it, if your skin is feeling dry after. You can use this same mixture to smooth your lips too! just use your fingertip rather than the stiff brush!

  8. Aditya9:59 AM

    Just buy some sugar scrub and put it on your knees and elbows. Gently rub it in and then wash it off after a littlw bit. OR just buy some body lotion you use in the shower. I use Olay In-Shower Body Lotion with Shea Butter. IT really works! It leaves my skin all soft and dewy when i use it. Sometimes, i even shave with it! :)
    P.S or just use an all natural creamy lotion like from the brand Vasaline. They have body lotion that works too.
    Petrolium Jelly won't hurt either!

  9. Karuna10:00 AM

    apply Cocoa butter lotion or vaseline


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