Exercising errors

Exercise, if not done in a proper way can cause more harm than benefit. Mistakes as well as over-exercising must be avoided. Always consult a doctor before you start any exercise regimen and also if you experience any discomfort when you are exercising.

Some of the errors that we tend to make while exercising:

Not stretching enough:

It is always a good idea to stretch for a few minutes prior to exercise and after a workout to flex the muscles and to avoid muscle injury.

Not warming up prior to exercise:

Your body needs to be gradually warmed up to prepare it for the added demands of exercises. A warm-up before exercise will divert oxygen effectively to the working muscles. So, start slowly for the first few minutes, your workout will be much more effective.

Not cooling down after any type of workout:

Just as your body needs a warm-up it also needs a cool-down. Take some time to gradually let your heart rate lower. Stopping exercises abruptly can cause problems.
woman exercising with dumbells

Lifting too much weight:

Lifting heavy weights can injure other areas of the body in addition to the muscle you are targeting. Know your limits. Also avoid sudden and jerky movements while lifting weights.

Exercising too intensely:

Longer periods of moderately intense workouts are better than short periods of high intensity workouts.

Not drinking enough water:

You must drink 8-12 glasses of water everyday. However avoid drinking fluids soon after a workout and an hour before a workout.

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  1. Madhukar5:23 PM

    Lifting too much weight can contribute to jerking. The best way to strength train a muscle is by using slow, controlled movement. If you're jerking your weights you're inviting injury, especially to your back muscles.

  2. Kashinath5:41 PM

    Just as your body needs a warm-up it also needs a cool-down. Take some time to gradually let your heart-rate lower. Stopping aerobic activity abruptly can cause a number of problems such as blood pooling in your lower extremities or making you feel light-headed


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