Flower based cosmetic preparations

Identification of the right kind of flowers, their availability, cleanliness and care in the home-based preparation are the essential factors to be noted during the flower based cosmetic preparations. Here is a collection of some of the easy-to-make beauty recipes based on some flowers to treat your skin in a natural way.

Jasmine cream:
Take the fresh petals of jasmine and grind into a fine paste with few drops of rose water. It is a good face pack for a dry skin. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and improves the complexion. Since it contains rich oil, it can be applied once a month for a dry skin and once in two months for an oily or normal skin.
Lavender Lotion:
Take handful of flowers and boil it in two cups of water. After sometime, strain and mix the decoction with warm olive oil. This body lotion smoothens and leaves the skin soft and silky.
Lavender as astringent and for bath:
For a good perfumed bath, one can use fresh lavenders in the bathing water. Lavender, when strained and used, acts as a good astringent lotion.
Marigold skin tonic:
Marigold flowers are known for healing properties. For preparing the skin tonic, mix 2 tablespoon of dried or 3 handful of fresh ones to a pint of water. Strain it. It is an excellent toner.
Rosemary Wash:
Boil the flowers. Remove the strained water. Wash your face with it, but don’t wipe afterwards. Let your face dry naturally.
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  1. unknown12:03 PM

    The wild cornflower is known as Centaurea cyanus and although used in eye care skin care products, is not widely used in the cosmetic field, and is also a rather expensive ingredient to use.


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