Cultivate voice impact

Often poor quality of speech makes people lose their ability to express themselves with confidence. As voice plays a key role in deciding how people react to you, the first step to improve the quality of speech is to cultivate voice impact.

The pitch should be neither too high nor too low. It should sound calm and natural. When people are relaxed and comfortable their voice has a lower pitch and they sound normal. So, to tackle the root of the pitch problem, you should aim at maintaining a relaxed calm attitude.

Many do not inhale properly before talking. Some exhale half their breath before talking. This takes out the strength from their voice. Practice proper breathing by sitting down comfortably with a straight back. 

Breathing exercises, if done regularly will not only enhance your lung power but also improves your thinking ability by increased oxygen supply to the brain.

Practise speaking at a lower pitch and at a slower pace, consciously breathing deep and slow. Read a passage and re-read it several times till you feel your voice flowing smoothly and at a pleasant pitch.

Pronounce each word properly. Avoid slurring or mumbling of words. Do pause at appropriate places – don’t just rush sentence after sentence pausing only to breathe. It will give an impression that you are very nervous.

Remember, your voice is best suited to you. Imitating someone else will sound unnatural and artificial. Also many sound unsure or unbelieving about what they are saying. This will erode the value of your suggestions and comments insignificantly. This aspect can be improved upon by developing confidence in oneself.

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  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Speak from the depth of your heart, speak your mind and feel your nerves pulsating the sound of your voice. . Words has a meaning as well as topics do count a lot. Work on pronunciations and build vocabulary. Talk sense. Avoid beating around the bush. Say clear, be brief and do not fumble. Confusion lands you and the listener into more confusion. Do not bluff or fool yourself but blur out sensibly even if words are not meant to be spoken. Use tact, speak truth but know realities too and act sensibly to it. Convince your listener. Electrify the listener with your presentation. Don’t let butterflies quiver you and chase away the nervousness.

  2. Rehan3:59 PM

    Cultivate a positive attitude. Be positive, prepared and well aware. Work on memory improvement levels. Check your blues. Get mirror practice and check your expressions too. A smile with the speech takes you to miles. The most important factor is voice modulation – pitch, tone and volume. Adjust the Bass, volume like the sound system. Start with soft notes. Good beginning is best otherwise its shrieking from the start. Feel humor, feel happy, calm and composed Expressions. They are most important as expressions reflects your inner feelings and your speech is based on your thoughts. Let your speech and expression be your asset as well as a good decent Dress code

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Voice is a lovely gift that humans possess and as someone said "Speech is silver, silence is gold" – Speech is Silver but Silence speaks a thousand words and those thousand words when are accumulated comes out with an outburst, overflowing thoughts stored in the mind and than there is peace and calmness, isn't this true?


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