Exercising teeth the natural way

The teeth and the gums, like other parts of the body, require exercise for maintaining them in healthy condition. This can be achieved by eating hard and fibrous foods.

* Wheat is especially valuable in the prevention and treatment of pyorrhea. It takes time to chew wheat chappatis. This compels one to chew hard, not only providing the much-needed exercise for the teeth and gums but also helps the digestion process.

* Chewing unripe guava is an excellent tonic for teeth and gums. It stops the bleeding from gums due to styptic effect and richness in vitamin C. Chewing the leaves of the guava tree also helps prevent bleeding from the gums. A decoction of root bark can also be used as a mouth wash for swollen gums.

* Tooth-decay can be prevented by regular consumption of apples, as they possess a mouth cleansing property and the acid content, apart form its nutritive value assists in promoting the flow of saliva which is beneficial to the teeth.

* Grapes are also useful in promoting tooth decay. The organic acids of grapes are strongly antiseptic.

* Lemon and lime also promote healthy teeth and gums, due to their vitamin C content. They strengthen the gums and teeth and are very effective in preventing and curing acute inflammation of gums. A glass of fresh citrus juice in the morning is of great value in keeping the gums pink and healthy.

* Raw spinach (palak) juice is another valuable ‘food remedy’ for the prevention and treatment of pyorrhea, because of its beneficial effects on the teeth and gums. This effect is greatly enhanced if the spinach juice is taken in combination with carrot juice.

However do rinse your mouth well after you eat these fruits and vegetables. So how do you exercise your teeth? Do share in your comments.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Studies have shown that sports drinks can do significant damage to the enamel on your teeth. They even rank above colas as a cause of tooth decay. The acids in the drinks can break down calcium, which helps to strengthen teeth and prevent gum disease.

    So, as you are gritting your teeth to do that one last crunch, remember that plain old water won't hurt those teeth while it keeps you hydrated


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