Short on Sleep? Beauty Treatments that Help You Look Rested and Revitalized

When you’re just not catching enough zees, the lack of REM reboot will begin to show, particularly on your face.  Your skin will become ashy and those dark circles that you loathe will seem more pronounced than ever.  Plus, you’re just going to start to look tired after a while, not only from drooping eyelids and a vacant expression, but from the slump of your body.  Even if you can’t seem to get your full recommended eight hours a night (who can these days?) you don’t want to look like you’re burning the candle at both ends.  So here are just a few beauty treatments that will have you looking restored, rested, and revitalized in no time.

  1. Coffee.  While you can certainly down a few cups every day to up your energy and get moving, you might be surprised to learn that coffee can also perk up your skin tone.  Instead of tossing your used coffee grounds, let them cool and then use them to create an exfoliating scrub that will remove dead skin cells and give you a healthy glow.  You can also leave them on as a mask (mix ¼ cup with one egg) to firm sagging skin; caffeine can reduce moisture to tighten pores, as well as increase blood flow to help repair tissue and diminish dark circles.
  2. Healthy eating.  All kinds of beauty products are now incorporating restorative foods as part of an all-around plan to revitalize dull skin and get it back to its former glory.  But you can also do a lot to up the beauty factor by ingesting these healthy items.  Fish that are high in essential fatty acids like omega 3 (wild salmon, for example) can help to moisturize and firm your skin, colorful fruits and vegetables provide powerful antioxidants to clear out free radicals that can damage your cells, and water keeps you hydrated and helps to flush impurities from your whole body.  And adding exercise to the mix will reduce your stress levels, help you to sleep more deeply, and leave you looking (and feeling) relaxed and reenergized.
  3. Power naps.  If your nightly rest is frequently interrupted, or if you simply don’t have time for a full night’s sleep, then a power nap in the early afternoon can help to keep you going strong all day.  Just fifteen minutes of resting your head on your hands at your desk (at the end of your lunch break, for example) can give you the boost you need to restore brain power and look like yourself again.  But make sure not to nap too long or you could end up reducing the benefit and making yourself even sleepier.
  4. Vacation!  This is the treatment that restores not only your looks, but also your spirit.  Arrange for a few days of R&R at your favorite spa (complete with massage and other treatments), get out to the wilderness for a camping trip with no electronics, or hit up the Las Vegas strip for a night of free roulette, craps, and blackjack.  A good vacation will help to take your mind off the stresses of your everyday life and restore your inner and outer beauty.
  5. Cosmetic procedures.  Although some people find this strategy rather extreme, you may want to check out simple treatments like lunchtime Botox or even more intensive procedures like face lifts to repair the ongoing damage caused by sleep deprivation.
(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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  1. Goutami10:02 AM

    Go to bed earlier.
    Don't drink tea or coffee or alcohol before going to bed.
    Get up earlier the next day.

  2. I usually go for a slow walk right at dusk and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me that i would not have otherwise seen during the's relaxing,healthy,helps you wind down from a long day and puts your mind and your body at ease even if the walk is only for ten minutes it will do you

  3. Fatima10:04 AM

    You need to switch your mind off before you go to sleep so try not to watch tv, play games or exercise before bed. A warm drink usually helps too.
    Also, try not to make your bedroom too hot, we sleep better in a slightly cooler room.
    Also, if you can't sleep for a while after going to bed (an hour or so), leave the room and go and sit down in a different room because when you can't get to sleep your mind then starts to associate that room with not being able to sleep. when you're sat down try some deep breathing which will slow your heart rate.

  4. Try fresh (soft) DATES...with a huge glass of water...or a banana with water. Both are high in potassium and with the water...give you gobs of new energy.

  5. Having eyebrows and upper lip waxed.Then a good exfoliating scrub followed by a good moisturizer.And most of all a little bit of sunshine everyday will bring out a healthy glow no makeup can immitate

  6. I enjoy massages..aromatherapy n swedish ones. They just relax my tense muscles almost immediately :) Facials are equally important...minus the extractions part if possible..really give my face a nice clean feeling too! Manicure n pedicure are secondary pampering options for me. But applying hand and foot lotion regularly is important in my opinion.

  7. The key, is to eliminate toxins from our bodies and restore homeostasis, as our bodies want to be, naturally

  8. try unisom sleep melts or benadryl. that will help make you drowsy.

  9. Mithila8:55 AM

    Just relax listen to ur ipod and fall asleep to the music that always works for me. Or just get soo tired that you close your eyes. It's not bad to be the last one to fall asleep it's awesome to be the last one to fall asleep.

  10. Lovely9:43 AM

    could just be stress

  11. relax for a half an hour or even an hour. Read a book, listen to music, straighten up your room or watch TV. Just don't think about sleeping. Then get back to bed. Anyway, it works for me.

  12. Juanita9:46 AM

    Get into bed and think of happy things.Anyway, it works for me.

  13. Merlin8:37 AM

    I like to listen to quiet music, or sounds. For example, last night I had trouble getting to sleep so I turned on my iPod and listened to Lights, not too loud, and a few songs later I was fast asleep. Or I'll listen to beach waves or the sound of rain cause I love the rain :) If that doesn't help, I read. It helps tire your eyes out and therefore makes you fall asleep faster.

  14. Shekhar2:47 PM

    you suffer mood swings. And difficulty concentrating is common.

    This all happens because sleep deprivation leaves the brain exhausted and depleted - rendering it unable to perform its normal tasks efficiently.

  15. Dharani2:47 PM

    Lack of sleep messes with your hormone production and natural body rhythms, so to combat it, your body will overproduce hormones such as cortisol (stress) and insulin (which helps process sugar), both of which make your body store extra fat you don’t need.


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