Want Healthy, Shiny Hair? Products to Avoid!

Split ends, frizz, and dull, drab, lifeless locks: all are hallmarks of hair that has been overstressed by heat and chemical treatments.  And if you don’t know what’s in the products you’re using, you could be making the situation worse!  But if you want to beautify one of your best features, you’re going to need to take a long, hard look at the damage you’re doing through the products and processes you undergo.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to repair your hair.  You just need to start by pinpointing problem products and tossing them in the trash.  Here are a few that should be kicked to the curb as soon as possible!
  1. Dyes with bleach.  Bleach is one of the absolute worst products you can put on your hair.  And yet, most hair dyes have at least some amount of bleach included.  Ask you stylist if you can continue to get the same (or similar) color with a bleach-free, chemical-free dye, or try at-home treatments like henna for natural, beautiful color without all the toxic chemicals.
  2. Relaxers.  Brazilian blowouts may be the latest craze for ladies seeking super-straight hair, but the formaldehyde will definitely throw a wrench in the works when it comes to keeping your locks lustrous.  The basic lesson here is that pretty much any harsh, chemical treatment is going to turn back the clock on your efforts to keep you hair looking healthy, so try to avoid them if you can.
  3. Brushes.  This may sound weird, but whether you use a bristle brush, a paddle version, or one with vents, you may be stressing your hair, especially when it’s wet.  So do yourself a favor and skip the brush.  Opt for a wide-tooth comb instead; it will reduce the rat’s nest without causing the stretching and breakage that frequently occur with brushing.  And if you miss the sensation of a brush on your head, simply take the time when you shower to thoroughly massage your scalp with your fingertips.  This will stimulate blood flow and remove excess oil and dead skin cells.
  4. Heating products.  You may have intimate and long-lasting relationships with your hair dryer, hot rollers, and flat iron, but they’re really not doing you any favors.  See if you can find ways to cut back on the amount of heat you subject your hair to and you’ll notice a lot less breakage in the long run.
  5. Styling products.  Not surprisingly, anything that you slather on your hair can cause it to become dry and brittle (leading to breakage) as well as leave it looking dull.  But you can get rid of hairsprays, creams, and gels that deposit chemical gunk onto your hair and opt for natural alternatives or even products that incorporate shine.

Of course, there are several products you can add to your routine to restore the shine and resilience you’ve lost through chemical and heat treatments.  Hydrating masks, deep conditioners, and liquid keratin will all give your hair the gloss and bounce you see in commercials, or you can look online for organic, at-home recipes that include items like eggs, mayonnaise, and avocado for an all-natural alternative.
(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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  1. Preethi8:22 AM

    Vitamins: Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Lutein.
    All found in eggs, fish, and soy products.You can also try flipping your hair upside down and drying from the back of your head over to the crown of your head and drying your scalp. This will make your hair stand up more.

  2. Anushka8:24 AM

    make sure you are getting enough protein and vitamins that your hair needs grow,
    -invest in a good, nourishing shampoo. I use Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner and it its the best shampoo I have ever used. I get so many compliments about how soft and shiny my hair looks. It was made for horses originally but its been tested and now we can use it.
    -make sure to do a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week. Coconut or olive oil is great to keep your hair moisturized.
    -Dont use hot tools everyday. Only when necessary.

  3. Chaitra8:25 AM

    Invest in a silk pillowcase. They are durable, do the work whilst you sleep and avoiding of frizzy/dry hair is only one of the great benefits they offer. They also prevent split ends, knotted hair, bed-head, keep your hair glossy AND prevent lines, wrinkles, let's your skin breath and due to being hypoallergenic, also great for acne & eczema!

  4. Disha8:30 AM

    My hair routine-Wash twice a week, massage twice a week, apply leave in conditioner, seal it in with olive oil, braid hair & let loose in the morning.Once a week I deep condition.
    That is it and my hair has grown from neck length to shoulder length in the 3 months that I've been doing this.

  5. Komal8:38 AM

    Getting leave-in conditioners work really well.

  6. Jayashree8:40 AM

    I think getting the pros to do it is the best method.

  7. Jalaja8:42 AM

    Natural, organic products ARE THE BEST.

  8. Indira8:55 AM

    You have a nice blog!

  9. Bhavya10:20 AM

    First is to keep your hair as natural as they are.(No coloring , dyes etc.) Be gentle with your hair, avoid excessive use of blow dryer. Have regular trimming, massage them with olive or coconut oil twice a week. Use a shampoo that suits your hair. Dove is the best in my opinion. Drink a lot of water & have green vegetables. Take care of your hair.

  10. Champa10:24 AM

    using olive oil to massage ur hair before sleeping helps it brings blood circulation into the head ..don't forget to wash it in the morning as olive oil produces a lot of heat ...
    u can use curd to wash Ur hair ... which is a coolant and suppresses the growth of dandruff which is the root cause of all hair ailments...

  11. Dhanya10:29 AM

    For longer hair massage ur hair with AWLA oil which will makes ur hair longer , black and beautiful.
    rinse your hair with lemon one hour before bath and wash during bath
    your hair will be strong and smooth


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