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foot on sandfeetThough our feet have to bear the brunt of carrying our entire body-weight, we neglect them and take them for granted. Usually, we become aware of their presence only when they ache or if an infection or a swelling starts brewing trouble. As we have to be up on our feet always, it is crucial to exercise them and spend some time fussing over them. Foot-care should compulsorily be a part of our grooming. Here are some tips and suggestions:

*Walk barefoot on grass in the morning.

* If possible, walk barefoot on a sandy beach.

* A bi-weekly abrasive treatment with a pumice stone is also a must.

* To keep feet smelling fresh a deodorizing talcum powder should be applied each morning after washing.

* Soak the feet in warm water to which Epsom salt is added. This can be very soothing. Read Pamper your feet.

* Weekly pampering for the feet: A pedicure once a week can help relieve itchiness and can also take care of your feet.

* To avoid fungal or bacterial infections, after washing your feet, be sure to dry between the toes thoroughly and also sprinkle talcum powder.

* If the feet are sore or swollen, lie down with your feet raised with the help of a couple of pillows. It helps circulation.

* For cold feet, massage them with eucalyptus (nilgiri) or olive oil.

* Cut your toe nails properly to avoid ingrown nails. Also read Toe-nail Care

* When buying shoes look for fit and comfort as much as fancy design.

*Always wear well-fitting footwear; they should neither be too tight nor too loose. Ill-fitting ones can cause corns or calluses caused by friction when the bony parts of your feet rub against your shoes. Also, avoid shoes that do not allow the feet to breathe freely.

*Woman plagued by backaches should avoid wearing high-heels.

* Always expose your feet to the air as often as possible.

* Stand on tiptoes and then stand on heels. Keep alternating.

* Secure a rectangular block of wood about three inches high. Stand on it and curl your toes inwards, towards the block.

* Sit on a chair and circle each foot ten times in the clockwise direction and ten times in the anticlockwise direction. Follow this by stretching each foot and flexing your heels and toes.

Pic credits:fotosearch.com

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  1. Daphne10:45 AM

    Never wear heels when you are shopping, when your feet are dragging your body, your judgment will be impaired.

  2. Bhagya9:41 AM

    Wear comfortable shoes that fit well to prevent many foot ailments.


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