Water to cure minor ills

filling waterWater, the best of all natural resources not only refreshes but also heals, purifies and cures. Just because it is cheaply and readily available, don’t disregard the powers of this nature’s bounty. Acquaint yourself with its healing properties and other benefits and use it to your advantage. These remedies might come in handy for your ills and ailments.

* Inadequate hydration sometimes leads to aches and pains. Before popping a pill or rushing to a doctor, make sure that you are drinking sufficient water. Hydrate yourself well and you will be rid of niggling pains and aches. Read Drive back-pain away by drinking enough water.drinking water

* Gargles with warm salt water can cure sore throat and can save your from tonsil pains and cold.

* Does sleep evade you each time your head hits the pillow? Then a bath in luke-warm water just before going to bed might just be the antidote to transfer you effortlessly to slumber-land. Read Water to cure insomnia.

* Water as a wake-up aid? Now what does that mean? When you rise from a night’s sleep feeling lethargic and indolent, a zippy cold shower is all you need to rouse you up, pep your spirits and get you going.

* A nagging headache bothering you. Then just soak your feet in warm water and relax. More of it here. You could also try rubbing ice on your forehead.washing face

* Tired eyes due to excessive computer use and television viewing, then splash cold water over your eyes gently to revive them. Read this for more.

* Having cough? Sip hot water slowly. It is an ideal expectorant which thins down phlegm to cough out easily.

* Hot steam vapor helps in sinus conditions while opening up the blockage and eases pain.

* In the case of asthma and bronchitis too, steam inhalation cleanses the upper respiratory passages to improve the breathing.

* High fever? Sponge body with water.

* Application of running cold water on the burns or immersing the affected part in cold water relieves burning sensation and reduces damage to deeper tissues of the skin.

* After a long weary day when you feel completely worn out and fatigued, refresh yourself by immersing your feet in warm water to which a pinch of salt and soda-bicarb is added.

* Nose-bleeding can be stopped by cold compression of chilled water on nose and back of the neck. Direct ice can also be applied for nosebleeds.

* Painful urination or any other urinary infection can be treated by drinking enough water.

* Kill constipation by having plenty of water daily. One or two glasses of cold water an hour before breakfast or hot water half an hour before going to sleep helps. A gentle laxative is a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice. It works wonders for the stomach and the skin.

* Girls, use an ice-cube on the face before applying make-up. Make-up will remain fresh for longer time.

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  1. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Water has such amazing powers and yet it is so simple. I wish I wasn't so guilty of not drinking enough!

  2. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Water's more than fine, no doubt about it but I still think heading for a doctor from time to time, it's an outstanding solution.

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    If you've got constipation problems, drinking a full glass of water just before you need to go helps.

  4. Anonymous4:44 PM

    A tall glass of water first thing in the morning does good for your system.It helps clear our system, flush out toxins and increases metabolic rate.


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