A quick tip to make thin, lifeless hair look full-bodied

problem hairIf your hair is thin, sparse and greasy, no need to get disappointed. If you have to go out suddenly and your hair looks greasy and lifeless then you can adopt the following method:
Take a nylon sock, put in some talcum powder and then pick up your hair brush. Now pull the sock over the hair brush and grip it near the handle of the brush. By doing this the bristles will come out a little through the sock. Now brush your hair with this till all the talcum powder is used up. Now take a clear brush and shake off the excess powder from your hair. By doing this the hair will look full-bodied and dense. Wash your hair after coming home with a lemon-based shampoo. Here are some hints to make dull, limp hair look shiny and crackling with life.

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  1. Using the correct products for your hair type is essential to ensuring that your hair looks its best at all times. Try to use
    products that boast their boosting power; anything asserting “volume” or “thickness” can
    usually be trusted. Using a volumizing shampoo with little to no sulfites or detergents will usually cleanse your scalp of
    build up while allowing you to maintain your color (if you have it dyed), allowing for a clean surface on which your hair
    can thrive and grow to its full potential.

  2. Antony11:58 AM

    First of all, if you have very fine hair, shorter styles will look much better than longer as a general rule of thumb. I recommend no longer than shoulder length hair for people with thin, fine hair. Anything longer than shoulder-length tends to get very stringy and look limp and lifeless. Keep layers even and texturized. Ask your hair stylist to cut your hair with a "point cut" rather than straight across for added interest and texture to your hair. You should also ask your stylist to texturize your crown. This will give you a little extra volume and lift at the top of your head to make you look a little taller and your hair will look fuller too.

  3. Madhu9:10 AM

    Great beauty tip – cheap n easy too made with stuff that’s probably in everyone’s kitchen! Thanks for sharing

  4. Shantala10:33 AM

    I have a very weak hair. so what i do?

  5. If you want to grow thicker hair, it’s might not be as easy.So get fuller hair by eating right. Lots of protein will help you grow thicker hair. Think eggs, fish, steak and tofu. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits so you’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals. This not only can help you grow thicker hair, but it can make it shinier and healthier.

  6. Anonymous10:35 AM

    You can apply the yolk of a raw egg on your scalp once every month. Applying yogurt on your hair once every month will keep it looking shiny and healthy. You can also use a paste made of ground fenugreek seeds to keep your hair soft and healthy. You should avoid washing your hair frequently and should ensure that you use only lukewarm water to wash it


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