Wear nail paint with open-toe sandals

If you are going to wear open-toe sandals or peep-toes, make sure your nails are painted. However, nude nails don't look that bad if your pedicure is top-notch and your feet are well-groomed and pretty. In fact, nude nails are much better than nails with chipped nail polish. Also, slathering on some weird color nail polish on ugly, uncared for toe-nails and strutting around in peep-toe pumps isn't a pretty sight either.

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(Guest Post by Dhanya)

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  1. Toe polish lasts a long time while a manicure doesn't.

  2. Prithvi10:33 AM

    I never wear fingernail polish. It just doesn't last. When I wear sandals I think my toes look naked without some polish. I personally like bright colors on my toes, especially bright red.

  3. I do like to paint my toe nails during the summer. I think it makes my feet look better. I don't care for manicures or pedicures (I know I'm probably in the minority there but, I can't stand the feel of the nail files -- makes me very nauseous) so, I paint my toe nails myself. I like deep reds/maroons and pinks.

  4. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Thanks for wearing toenail polish. Unpolished toenails make me gag. There's just something about them...
    I either wear a white pearlescent polish or bright red.

  5. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I polish my toenails because they look so hideous if I don't. I get v-shaped cracks that run vertically down my toenails, my nails are lumpy from all the times I've smashed my toes, I have large areas where the nail is separated from the nailbed, and sometimes I break off 1/4 or so of a toenail. A light polish sort of blends it all in. I really should try pedicures, but I'm terrified of what they'll say when they see my feet. It seems like no matter how hard I work to get them decent, they look terrible.

  6. Anonymous10:41 AM

    My fingernails are usually either bare or polished with clear only, but in sandal season my toenails are always polished. With all the cooking etc that I do, it chips right off on my fingernails and looks worse than nothing, plus I feel like my fingernails don't really "need" it as much. ON my toes I like muted reds (OPI French Cognac is a fave), soft pinks and corals, or pearly white or beige colors--anything, really, that won't look garish or clash horribly with my clothes or shoes.

  7. I think french manicures make your toenails look bizarrely long...toenails just don't usually have that much white part sticking up.
    I always have my toenails painted...fingernails - hardly ever. My favourite colours are purples and blues....though if veins are a problem these might not be the best choices Last time I got a pedicure I had them paint little flowers on my big toe...very fun. I love pedicures!

  8. Nalini10:44 AM

    I am not a sandal wearer so, I don't get into the toe polish for myself.

  9. Nikhila9:04 AM

    Soak your nails, then apply your favorite varnish, top coat, and lotion… so nice!


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