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Asin -- Her name means ‘pure’ and that pretty much describes her beauty too.


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She attributes her good looks to a simple skin care routine and a healthy lifestyle. 

Asin's Health And Diet Tips

For instance, she's an early riser and never misses her morning breakfast. She totally avoids refined foods and abhors sugar which is rightly labelled as "white poison".

Also she never drinks caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee and prefers milk, coconut water & fruit juices instead. She's also averse to smoking and drinking (alcohol). She also consumes lots of water and swears by its goodness.

Green leafy veggies, fruits, nuts and fish form an important part of her diet. She is not a party animal; so if she's not working late, goes to bed early. Being a Malayalee, she's fond of Ayurvedic therapeutic massages and always prefers Ayurvedic medications over allopathic ones. 

Asin's skin care routine

Regarding her skin care routine, Asin says that as she is blessed with good skin, she does not clog the pores with excess makeup. If you have noticed, she's one of the fewer South Indian actresses, whose makeup is always subtle and elegant.

No matter how much tired she is, at the end of the day she always makes it a point to remove her makeup. She washes her face with lukewarm water followed by a splash of cold water. She suggests that one must not touch the face unnecessarily. The more you touch your face the more it will react, she adds.

She also advises that one should be gentle while handling the face and not rub the skin too hard while washing as it can ruin the facial skin in the long run. Her favourite homemade beauty aids are sandalwood paste and honey which work wonders on her flawless skin.

So will you follow pretty Asin's beauty and health routine?

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  1. Suchitra5:44 PM

    Wash your face everyday, and before you go to bed, wash off any make up on your face. If you drink, you will have a better chance of keeping acne free.

  2. Suman5:45 PM

    A good skin care routine would be part of your daily living. When you get up in the morning wash your face with cleanser for your skin type, whether it is oily or dry, then use your toner,and then moisturise.You use your face scrub occasionally to remove dead skin from your face, you can use your cleansing wipes when your in a hurry or pressed for time. Also wash again at night before bed. If your skin is extra oily wash at least 3 times a day,

  3. Prerana5:46 PM

    - Wash face with a gentle cleanser (try Olay Moisture Balancing Foaming Face Wash)
    - Tone (try splashing your face with cold water after cleansing)
    - Apply moisturizer with SPF 15+ (try Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer)

    - Wash face with gentle cleanser
    - Tone
    - Moisturize (try Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion)

    The simpler the routine, the better. Using too many products or products that are harsh will just irritate your skin. I use all of the products listed above and recommend them, but you can use whatever you like.

  4. In my opinion-- start with a gentle cleanser in the morning, then use toner and moisturiser (with SPF). this works best if all the products are from the same range.

  5. Priya5:49 PM

    Cleanser, face wash, and face wash gel are all the same thing. Face scrub is also a cleanser but is more abrasive and exfoliates your skin. Use that twice a week . No more than that. Use it after cleansing.

    You should:
    Apply eyemakeup remover (only if you have eyeliner or eyeshadow on)
    Cleanse your face.
    Use toner.
    Then moisturize.

  6. Anonymous5:51 PM

    What simple, positive lifestyle changes have you made that have made the biggest differences in your life?

  7. Very simple, positive change: I stopped discussing other people's short-comings with others.

  8. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Statistics say that if you change your diet to a healthy one, work out daily, and get involved in extra curricular activities, you are more prone to being more socially active and you reduce the chance of falling into depression and committing suicide.

  9. What are some simple things/changes in daily lifestyle I can do to help me lose weight>?

  10. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Walk to work or school, or ride a bike, instead of driving in. Or walk to the grocery store, fill up your bag with groceries, and walk home. I like to do that on summer nights for fresh air and exercise.

  11. karuna3:24 PM

    Always apply your moisturiser in upwards sweeping motions. Dragging it down your face will only cause skin to sag. A mini massage will boost circulation too, so rub in the cream in circular motions.


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