Fashion Talk with Ayesha Takia

Bollywood Starlet, Ayesha Takia effortlessly combines her dazzling smile with a punky rock-chic style.
Best kept fashion Secret: "I have no secrets, I wear clothes according to my mood."
Love to sleep in: A pair of pyjamas
Favourite Shopping Spots: Dubai and London.
Favourite Brands: Zara, Mango, Stradivarius, Roberto Cavalli, Guess, and Diesel.
Fashion Disaster means: "Anyone who's wearing something that's not them and does not suit them."
Footwear: She loves going bootie and has all kinds of boot styles to show off on. "The one thing I need is heels, even in a pair of flip-flops. The height is greater for posture."
Best fragrance: Carolina Herrera
Accessories that make her day: A good Belt and my Bvlgari watch.
Assets she likes to flaunt: Her personality!
(Guest Post by Dhanya)

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  1. Mugdha9:50 AM

    She must get a magic or japenese straight perm. It's when you get a very hot iron and straighten your hair for hours. It burns your head sometimes. It can really hurt. But, your hair is super shiny, silky and pretty at the end. But after like 7 months it wears off and your hair gets really damaged so you have to keep getting it with a special deep conditioner treatment if you want it to keep looking smooth and silky. If you don't get it again or don't get the deep conditioning treatment, your hair looks fried.

  2. She IS very pretty.

  3. Soham9:53 AM

    She is not most beautiful for sure, but she is most cute girl-next-door heroine.

  4. Faridha9:57 AM

    aayesha is aayesha. most beautiful, hot, sexy, and........................words are not enough to describe her.

  5. Anonymous10:02 AM

    "Her designer line won't be called Ayesha but something more exotic. It will be an exclusive designer range that will feature high-end and even affordable stuff. The line will be simple and classic, stylish with elegant lines

  6. The actress will design her own clothes rather than enter into a partnership with any fashion house

  7. Nishit10:04 AM

    She has been working on a fashion line for a while now.Ayesha would take a keen interest in the outfits she'd wear in her films and give her own inputs to the designers.

  8. Anonymous10:29 AM

    She think music knows no barriers, no boundaries. So segregating it into two different segments is rather unfair.
    The connoisseurs of music are global. So why this division of Indian vs. Western! In a way, it's rather complicated too as most of the Indians are lovers of Western music while most of the foreigners are staunch lovers of Indian music.And then there are also people from across the entire continent, who prefer both the types of music. So in the end one can only say 'to each his own liking'.

  9. Anonymous10:30 AM

    She says I am more of an Indian music buff having been born and brought up in a traditionally conservative Gujarati family. So right from my childhood I was fed on a staple diet of the traditional folk music replete with the raas and the garba flavor. Oh! How I wish I could get a chance to do a typical musical film in Gujarati!

  10. Jyotiraditya9:36 AM

    Ayesha Takia’s womanly figure has made her appear in the top 10 of India’s 50 Most Desirable women. She is among the most fantasized women thanks to her alluring face, buxom body and feminine charm.


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