Honey for a smooth skin

honey in a jarspoonful of honeyHoney is a humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture. Hence it is used in a variety of moisturizing products including cleansers, creams, shampoos and conditioners. It is also not irritating to the skin, so it can be safely used on sensitive skin and even on babies (though it’s not really necessary). Even smearing pure honey on your skin without adding any other ingredients moisturizes it. Honey is simply too good for the skin. It can also be used effectively on puffy eyes and for lightening dark circles. Here are two homemade recipes with honey which you can use to nourish and pamper your skin.

Honey as a natural moisturizer

honey on cheekIngredients:

Vegetable oil
Lemon juice


Mix together all the ingredients. Rub into hands, elbows, heels and anywhere that feels dry. Leave on 10 minutes. Rinse off with water.

Honey mask for a smooth skin

This age-old but simple mask effectively moisturizes and tightens the skin, making it smooth and soft.


tbsp honey
1 egg-white
2 tbsp glycerine
3 tbsp flour


Whisk the honey, egg-white and glycerin, and then add the flour. The result should be a thick paste. Apply to face and rinse after 15 minutes.

You can also try out this Honey and Egg mask

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  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Manuka Honey is becoming a popular ingredient in skin care products because of its ability to repair damaged skin and regenerate new tissue. It's also been found to have no negative side effects.

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I love your site. I think its wonderful. I’ve never heard of the goodness of honey before

  3. Anonymous5:19 PM

    That’s it, I’m going to buy pure organic honeyy today.

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    YES you are right . Honey is an excellent cleanser, toner and conditioner which does wonders for your skin and hair.

  5. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Honey is Natural skin moisturizer. Expect softer, smoother skin.
    Apply honey on clean skin. (An alternative is to mix it as 1 part honey, 1 part milk.) Leave on for 20 ? 30 min. Wash off thoroughly.
    Honey has natural antioxidant properties and anti-bacterial. Its high sugar content and […]

  6. Anonymous6:03 PM

    I have bad acne all over my face and i searched online some good remedies. So, i just tried the honey face mask and my skin feels really good as honey is antibacterial and a very good moisturizer.

  7. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Cover the blemish with a dab of honey and place a Band-Aid over it. Honey kills the bacteria, keeps the skin sterile, and speeds healing. Works overnight

  8. Anonymous5:28 PM

    don't apply honey if your skin is oily... it will surely cause pimples!!.. if u want to improve your complexion... use rose water to cleanse it rather using artificial chemicals...

  9. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Honey has anti-bacterial properties. Bacteria causes pimples. Therefore, I would think it would be ok

  10. Anonymous5:53 PM

    take some almonds n soak them in raw milk overnight.....grind it in the morning using milk to make a thick paste if required and apply it for 20 mins n wash it off with water...you will feel the difference immediately

    for firmness in the skin take ground fuller's earth(one tablespoon) mix it with rosewater to make a thick paste..apply it on your face n wash it off after 20 mins with water...apply 2 drops of glycerin on your face n see the difference in a very low cost

    almond paste you can apply everyday but fullers earth should be applied once in a week or 15 days

  11. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Honey is great, fabulous, marvelous for your skin. I have been making honey, cream and oatmeal facials for my face for years. It's wonderful. But I never thought of using it on my feet. My heels certainly need the attention! After using honey my feet are smooth.

  12. Rohini5:27 PM

    OOOoooh I’d love to pamper myself

  13. Rehan9:08 AM

    Moisturizes to leave skin softer & smoother. Improves skin tone & texture. Promotes healthier, rejuvenated skin. Fades age spots & freckles. For all skin types.

  14. Swastika10:59 AM

    Honey Facial. If you've already washed your body with sugar, why not treat your face with honey? There are directions on creating an effective facial mask from honey, oatmeal and buttermilk here, and we've also seen recommendations to use straight honey as a nightly face wash

  15. Uttara10:49 AM

    I’ve decided that the secret to natural beauty is clean hair and clear skin.it just works so well and I LOVE

  16. Anonymous8:23 AM

    gives glow to skin
    clears all the spots on skin, even burn marks
    leaves your skin smooth & supple
    works as a good moisturizer
    prevents pimples
    - anti-aging & anti-oxidant

  17. Unknown8:26 AM

    It does make your skin glow and radiant, it's sticky qualities help rid your pores of impurities as well. also honey is what makes the no heat wax removal NADS. sometimes when you get a facial the lady will wax your t-zone, and if you heat honey with sugar you basically make the NADS no heat wax product which has been used in the arab world for quite some time. that really helps clear your pores out dramatically. this also helps with acne, eczema, psoriasis and so forth.

  18. Unknown4:57 PM

    Rub raw milk on your skin,u can also apply besan with little milk& turmeric.When u r dieting see that u have lots of fruits.Donot let the body feel stressed out.

  19. Honey contains potassium, which suffocates bacteria in pimple cells to get rid of pimples faster.

  20. Chetan5:31 PM

    Honey is a humectant & has anti-bacterial properties. It's used in facials to moisturize & clean the skin.

  21. Aditya4:50 PM

    oooh i use honey with a drop of lemon for facials...u slather it on then with 2 fingers tap your face...after a few minutes u will start collecting the honey on your fingers and picking up dead skin cells. after you do all your face wash with water.....soooo goood! best when someone else does it to you.


  23. Prarthana9:44 AM

    organic raw honey as an all natural face mask.... pasted on and left on for half an hour gives your skin a dewy natural chemical free glow.

  24. Yashodara8:58 AM

    honey is great on your skin, it helps keep it soft and smooth and fresh looking and also has a lot of natural properties which help your skin, it gives a natural glow to your skin, helps fight any kind of skin damage and ageing

  25. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Honey is good for a lot more than facials.
    Honey also has numerous medicinal uses. Honey is rather acidic with a pH level of 3.2 - 4.5, which prevents the growth of many bacteria. When honey is applied topically, as when dressing a wound, it acts as an antiseptic. Honey has low water activity so it is a poor environment for the growth of microorganisms. Iron in honey oxidizes the oxygen free radicals. Some studies suggest that the topical use of honey may reduce odors, swelling, and scarring when used to treat wounds; it may also prevent the dressing from sticking to the healing wound. Honey, sometimes used with lemon, has also been used as a treatment for sore throats and coughs for centuries and may be more effective than most common medicines. Antioxidants in honey have even been implicated in reducing the damage done to the colon in colitis. Such claims are consistent with its use in many traditions of folk medicine.
    Given all of the properties of honey it probably would be good in a facial. It's likely that something in it would be beneficial.

  26. Anonymous9:03 AM

    It is antibacterial, humectant, and full of micropollens, trace minerals, and the love of the bees.
    It will help soothe a cough and lubricate the alimentary canal. Local honey will help prevent allergies (due to the micropollens). Rubbed on a contusion, it will promote healing without infection or scarring. It's amazing. I'm glad you discovered it. :-)

    Try a cup of whole milk and a generous spoonful of honey in your bath.
    Also, check out beeswax candles. They burn full spectrum, (like the sun) and also act as an ionizer to clean the air.
    Gotta love the honey bee! To think, they also help make our delicious fruits, berries, herbs, and flowers with their pollination too!

  27. Divya8:26 AM

    I have an oily skin too and I have applied honey mixed with a few drops of haldi juice in it and it has helped reduce the pimples and cure the marks on my face....just be sure to use a good quality honey and buy haldi gath and squeeze a few drops of it's juice in it and apply a little bit on your face for an hour and then wash it off with plain water before going to sleep...it worked for me...try it once and see if it causes any trouble or if it works for you too.

  28. Anonymous8:30 AM

    it works as a purifying mask on your male and cleanses your face throughly from the deep pores inside the epidermis Use honey as a facial mask for moistuizing and tightening pores. You could warm it slightly in the microwave, but I don't. I just pat it on, leave on for about 10-15 minutes and rinse off. It smells good and you can lick your lips for a nice treat while you give yourself a facial.
    step 1
    Place 1 tbsp of honey into a small bowl. Honey has been used for centuries as a natural cure for a variety of ailments. Honey may be the perfect skin care product, as it kills germs and reduces swelling and inflammation. A honey face mask will gently clean your skin, while keeping it healthy, supple and beautiful.
    Step 2
    Add 1 tsp. of olive oil to the honey. Olive oil helps nourish and clean the skin at the same time. Unlike petroleum jelly, heavy lotions and other oils, olive oil will rinse cleanly away, leaving your skin moisturized and glowing.
    Step 3
    Break an egg, gently separating the yoke and adding it to the honey and oil mixture. The egg yoke will not only give your face mask a creamy texture, it will help remove oil and dirt from the skin. Egg yoke will remove the greasy shine from your face without drying.
    Step 4
    Mix the ingredients until creamy.
    Step 5
    Peel and slice two pieces of cucumber. Cucumber has gentle astringent properties, but is the same pH as skin. Including cucumber as part of your skin care regimen will help to restore the natural protective acid levels of the skin. Cucumber naturally nourishes and hydrates the skin and can help reduce circles from underneath the eyes.
    Step 6
    Apply a warm washcloth to your face to open the pores. Apply the honey face mask and cucumbers. Relax for about 20 minutes while you wait for the mask to work, then rinse with warm water. Once fully rinsed, splash a bit of cold water on your face to close your pores and firm the skin.
    Things You'll Need:
    1 tbsp. all natural honey
    1 tsp. olive oil
    1 egg yoke
    1 cucumber

  29. Deepika2:09 PM

    honey suits mostly dry and normal skin .It can also cause rash to sensitive or oily skin.

  30. Shilpa2:10 PM

    I use mask for face. Mix 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of turmeric. Apply on face and keep during 20-30 mints. Still i always wash my face by rose water. I never use cosmetic scabs. Regular i massage my face with help of soft loofah with soap or i can use simply coffee.

  31. Sahitya2:12 PM

    use honey.I will share my secret.....use 1 hour before going to bed....put honey on your face and leave for about 30 minutes...wash it off with water and then massage with shalife for 5 minutes......i try to do it almost every night.....next day i see bright skin and natural glow on my face:)

  32. Sheela2:25 PM

    honey never makes your eyebrow or eyelashes white

  33. Alaka4:35 PM

    honey never makes your eyebrow or eyelashes white.......

  34. Meghana9:02 AM

    Make a paste of tomato pulp and honey apply it on your face two times a day.This will improve the complexion of your skin.

  35. I have tried mixing honey with almond castille soap as a facial cleanser and it is a superior combination for the softest skin. The antimicrobials make it an excellent way to rid your skin of bacteria. Honey also does wonders for tightening your pores giving your skin youthful vitality.

  36. Shivani8:39 AM

    Honey mask
    About 1 tbs. honey apply to face and let sit 10-15 min. Rinse.
    (Anti-bacterial so it's good for acne and even if you don't have acne it's a great moisturizing mask.)

  37. Ranjana8:57 AM

    Honey mask.- This mask is very easy to make, all you need is to mix two spoons of honey, two spoons of almond powder and one spoon of olive oil, then apply in your face and neck for 35 minutes. This mask contain powerful anti oxidants therefore is called the best anti aging homemade cream, you can apply this mask 2 or 3 times a week.

  38. Praveena8:51 AM

    Honey is great for moisturizing,calming and soothing the skin.

  39. Apoorva8:28 AM

    A banana mashed, mixed with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Then covering up the face and neck skin, the skin will always be smooth.

  40. Honey! I use it for everything. I wash my face with it, I use it as a face mask to heal acne scarring, it really helps on rashes, sores, especially Manuka honey ( I LOVE thanks to you) and who can forget how good it tastes in my tea.

  41. cucumber juice + milk + honey, ( just eye the mixture ) work for all over your body! it's great just put in on your legs wait 20 + and then wash off, :)

  42. Anonymous7:36 AM

    i have a lot of dark spots on my face. i am going to try this and i hope it works.

  43. Anupam2:27 PM

    - gives glow to skin
    - clears all the spots on skin, even burn marks
    - leaves your skin smooth & supple
    - works as a good moisterizer
    - prevents pimples
    - anti-aging & anti-oxidant


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