Foods that aggravate acne

teenager with acneAcne causes a lot of self-consciousness and misery in youth and elderly alike. Several factors contribute to its sporadic eruption and quite a number of ways are suggested to reduce its severity. Certain foods are supposed to trigger acne. So better watch your diet. Earlier it was chocolate and fried foods which were accused of causing break-outs and aggravating your acne. Now it is proved beyond doubt that they do not have any role whatsoever in giving you zits. Let’s take a quick glance at some of the foods which might worsen acne.

There are sites like PETA and many others which claim that drinking milk can give you acne. Have a look at what they have got to say:
Women who drink two or more servings of skimmed milk every day are 44 per cent more likely to have developed severe acne, the study, reported in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, said. Women who drink more than three daily servings of any type of milk are 22 per cent more likely to have suffered from acne. [Source]

Dr. Jerome K. Fisher conducted a clinical study of 1,088 teen-age patients over 10 years and reported to the American Dermatological Association that milk was a principal contributor to some patients' acne. Dr. Fisher found that their acne tapered off as their milk consumption did. Dr. Fisher noted that dairy products often contain large amounts of butterfat and milk sugar, both of which, he believed, aggravate acne. He also suspected that the high volume of hormones produced naturally in the milk of pregnant cows may break down into androgen when consumed, which in turn stimulates the production of sebum, the waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that clogs pores and creates acne when the pores become infected. [Source]

What do you expect? When teenagers combine their own surging hormones with dietary saturated animal fat, cholesterol, steroid hormones, dead white blood cells, and cow pus, they're gonna get zits. The good news: The cure is an easy one: NOTMILK! [Source]

No, it’s not just the intake of milk that you have to reduce. A sneak peek at another recent news report about a study conducted by the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, reveals that foods which produce a high glycemic load, or high levels of blood glucose -- such as white bread and potatoes can also worsen your acne. Around 43 people were given a low-glycemic diet for over 12 weeks and there was a significant reduction in total acne when compared to those on normal diet. In addition, the low-glycemic diet produced significantly greater reductions in body weight and body mass and a greater increase in insulin sensitivity.

What is glycemic index and what are the foods with low glycemic index, you might ask. Glycemic indexes of various foods are depicted here. Have a look and choose to eat only those foods which have the lowest value to keep your acne under reasonable control. And cut down on milk and dairy products; who knows, you might soon have a flawless complexion sans acne or blemishes. At least, that’s what you should hope for.


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  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Acne problem is common in have given some tips I shall try.

  2. Anonymous9:41 PM

    put the fries and the greasy cheesburger down.

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    A good diet goes a long way to promoting healthy skin. Good post. It has a lot to do with diet.

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    A good diet goes a long way to promoting healthy skin. Good post.

  5. Anonymous5:50 PM

    i never realized so many things affect my skins appearance and health. I'll definitely be paying more attention to the foods i buy and consume. thanks

  6. Arundhati4:26 PM

    Eating a diet full of the right foods could lead to a brighter complexion, firmer texture and fewer wrinkles.Even though greasy, salty and fatty foods haven't been directly held responsible for causing acne, skin problems like acne can be corrected by modifying your diet .

  7. Shweta4:28 PM

    Its a Very balanced and well written Article. I loved it personally!

  8. Shilpa4:36 PM

    thanks a lot,this web really helps me to know what's wrong and right for my skin.This website is really made for girls!!!

  9. Chetana9:03 AM

    Wrong eating habits can be the root cause for all types of acne. Irregular hours of eating, excessive starch consumption, too much of sugar, fried and fatty foods are also common causes of acne. Chronic constipation is another cause of acne vulgaris. If the bowels do not move properly, the waste matter is not eliminated as quickly as it should be and the bloodstream becomes surcharged with toxic matter. The extra efforts of the skin to eliminate excess waste result in acne and other forms of skin diseases.

  10. Aarathi9:35 AM

    Thank you for enlightening me :)Maybe you know something about other foods that people mistakenly consider useful? Please do sure your knowledge with us!

  11. Tejashri6:32 PM

    Do you have Acne?You may have an allergy to MILK .
    The link between increased dairy consumption and teenage acne may be partly explained by the high iodine content in milk, according to a New York researcher.

  12. Anonymous9:10 AM

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  13. Anonymous9:16 AM

    eat whole grains and unrefined flour instead of refined flour. eat barley, bran and oats instead of sugary cereals. eat more fruits and vegetables (except potatoes) instead of high GI snacks.This diet is beneficial for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and other cardiovascular disease and people suffering from acne.

  14. Amaranath9:23 AM

    There are many myths about what causes acne. Chocolate and greasy foods are often blames, but there is little evidence that foods have much effect on the development and course of acne in most people. Another common myth is that dirty skin causes acne; however, blackheads and other acne lesions are not caused by dirt. Stress doesn’t cause acne, but research suggests that for people who have acne, stress can make it worse.

  15. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Every time I eate these type of foods I develop acne: grasy foods, chocolate, milk, diary, avocado, burgers, pizza, pastas. A good diet really improves your skin

  16. Radha9:07 AM

    Having a clear face also attributes to things you eat or drink. I use Virgin Coconut Oil as a moisturizer since about February and have noticed how clear my skin has become… unless I drink dr. pepper. lol.

    Loving all your articles!

  17. Tanuja11:36 AM

    caffeine products and excessively salty foods aggravate acne in certain individuals.

  18. Beauty Expert11:42 AM

    Be aware of some junk foods such as potato chips, corn chips, etc. Keep your diet low in fat and sugar. Eating a properly balanced diet ensures that your body gets the proper nutrients and therefore promotes healthy skin.Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. A high fiber, low-fat diet is excellent in promoting overall general health.

  19. Urmila9:17 AM

    Great all natural tips for dealing with acne. Most people don't realize that our skin is the largest filtering organ we have. Acne is a result of built up toxins.

  20. Recent research has shown that microwave oven-cooked food suffers severe molecular damage. When microwaved food is eaten it causes abnormal changes in human blood and immune systems. This is kind of scary to think about! If microwaved food causes human blood and our immune system to change, what is doing to the rest of our body? Is our skin, brain, heart and other organs essentially changing because of the amount of microwaved food we consume?

  21. Nalini10:32 AM

    Diets: For some people, a diet that is high in refined carbohydrates and sugars can actually aggravate their acne.

  22. Kirthy8:45 AM

    milk chocolate will give you acne like crazy!

  23. Eat a serving of fresh pineapple and banana every day. Ingest one lemon a day. Avoid chocolate and deep-fried foods-no matter what anyone tells you. Tomato products, too, might help. especially the banana-pineapple-do this religiously for a couple weeks.

  24. Sania6:22 PM

    For some people, a diet that is high in refined carbohydrates and sugars can actually aggravate their acne

  25. Anonymous5:22 PM

    It is strongly believed that the most common cause of acne is caused by using dairy products including pasteurized milk, cheese, cheddar cheese, goat's milk, cow's milk, margarine, yogurt (curd), cream etc. Other than dairy products following foods have also been reported causing food allergy to different people:

    Here are some you probably shouldnt eat statistically but why bother, there are too many!!!
    Wheat and wheat products such as biscuits etc.
    White flour and refined flour
    Red meat (beef, lamb)
    Spicy food
    Ready meals

  26. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Zits have to do more wih hormones than anything else. See your Dr for a low-dose hormone to help preven the issue. All the creams and stuff just add to the problem.

  27. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Along with applying various treatments on your skin, you should also consider eating the kind of food that will make your skin healthier. The key characteristic you should look for is antioxidant. This is a term that applies to any nutritional substance that slows down the oxidation process in your body. Cells are primarily damaged by oxidation thus more antioxidants means better healing. The Vitamins C and E are categorized as such and they are abundant in most fruits and vegetables.
    When using skin care products, read and follow the instructions on their labels carefully. With natural remedies, do some thorough research on their preparation and safety. The two approaches may not be compatible. Whether you go pharmaceutical or natural, stick with the one you started with.

  28. unknown8:58 AM

    natural way to get rid of acne
    stop eating red meat
    stop drinking or eating foods that contain alof sugar ( sugar is most think that cause acne, and most people don't aware )
    stop eating junk foods, ( chips...ect)
    stop drinking soda water ( pepse. coca cola etc)
    drink a lot of water ( 6-8 glasses )
    take a vitamin C
    have a bath everyday with anti-bacteria soap
    also take vitamin A (good for the skin)

  29. Pratima8:48 AM

    Stay away from junk food, do sports, and wash your face often. you will never get acne.

  30. unknown9:04 AM

    What types of food are good to heal acne?

  31. R .J.9:04 AM

    Celery is great for it, and arguably the best. Good fruits are things like apples, oranges, and watermelon. You want to stay away from sugary fruits, such as banana's, all types of berries, and grapes. But good stuff for you is celery, lettuce, onions, carrots, and cucumber. Stay away from vegetables like sweet peppers, hot peppers, and tomatoes.

  32. Jyoti9:54 AM

    3.EAT HEALTHY FOOD: Eat variety & alot of fruits vegetables! OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS (sardines, salmon, fish oil supplement), LYCOPENE (tomato, tomato products), GREEN TEA (freshly brewed), ZINC (oyster, crab, beans, wholegrain cereal) all has the ability to reduce chemicals/hormones involved in acne & help acne inflammation. VITAMIN A (carrot, winter squash, spinach), VITAMIN C (orange, lemon, lime, kiwi), ANTHOCYANINS (purple grapes, blueberry, acai, dark cherries, pomegranate) provides antioxidant protection, improves skin quality, helps acne. Milk has strongly been linked to acne! Drink "Rice Dream Rice Drink" instead of milk!

  33. Nalini9:57 AM

    A good acne diet also exists. On this diet you will want to eat less grains, especially whole grains, caffeine, sugar, dairy and salmon. You should eat more foods that are high in Zinc and vitamin A, such as red meat, fish, liver, vegetables and dairy products. Foods that are acidic can also help to fight off acne. Vitamin E has antioxidants in it that will help you to have clear skin too. This vitamin is found in almonds, broccoli and wheat germ.

  34. First of all, some acne is a result of what you eat...Eat healthier. Also Dr. Oz said something about peppermint oil. google it...he says its better than any product on the market!
    Also try not to pop them(unless they are white and pussy...then you have to), but put on anti-bacterial cream on the sore and wash your hands before and after!
    Hormones play a major part, practice good hygiene and try the oil.

  35. Yadav9:58 AM

    Acne is caused due to the wrong food habits and improper skin care. It is also caused due to hormonal changes. Another important cause is the high level of insulin produced by processed carbohydrates. This excess level of insulin creates blockage in pores and extra oil under the skin. Acne is an extreme condition of sebaceous glands. When hair follicles are plugged with Acne Marks or Scars dead cells and sebum, acne is formed. There are many ways to eliminate acne scars at home.

  36. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Acne is caused by blood sugar problems (insulin resistance), chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Many foods aggravate these conditions and can thus aggravate or even trigger acne.
    Eating too much fat can cause acne
    Dairy products, Refined carbohydrates.
    Caffeine is another substance you should remove from your diet. Primary sources of caffeine are coffee, tea (black and green), chocolate, sodas, energy drinks and some pain killers.
    any food that comes from factory is bad for your skin. Humans evolved eating whole, unrefined foods in their natural state. Processed foods are often highly refined, which makes them impossible to digest properly. As you know this leads to allergic reaction, inflammation and eventually acne.

  37. The best thing to avoid pimples in the first place is to stay away from hot, spicy, oily foods like Indian curries. Also avoid Indian pickles with lots of oil. Some doctors say avoid tea/coffee as well. Just see after eating which food you get more pimples, stay away from those. Also it is a skin disease, and can respond very well by going to a healer.

  38. Vandita10:20 AM

    Clear organic honey to calm inflammation and clear the skin. Leave on for about 15 mins 2x daily during bad times. Follow with an aloe vera based cream. I have used clear organic honey as a facewash for 3 years when i had bad acne. It worked so well i never looked back.

    When i need to use a scrub, i add caster sugar to it as it is fine and use 1-2 times a week.

    I have also heard that rubbing tomato seeds on your face and leaving for a while helps. I have not tried it though, but you could give it a go if you like.

    Toothpaste only works if it contains triclosan. Check ingredients over-wise all you will be left with is a minty fresh pimple!

    For the actual breakout use tea tree oil, or lavender oil. I tend to use clean and clear advantage 4 hr treatment get as it works faster and i am impatient now that i am used to the clear skin honey gave me!

  39. Shobhana9:25 AM

    How do i get rid of acne?

  40. Nalina9:27 AM

    start cleaning your face. i had bad acne mostly due to greasy foods and smoking and improper washing. take some anti-biotics like tetrocyclene.
    be careful with stuff like proactive. it works but it can cause severe breakouts initially. thats what sacylic acid does.

  41. Chrastina9:48 AM

    iodine and its salt iodide stimulate the sebaceous glands and cause acne eruptions. Many natural and cooked foods contain iodide and iodine in varying amounts.Such food when taken regularly and in excess could induce or aggravate acne lesions in predisposed individuals.

  42. Skin Expert9:54 AM

    For clear and radiant skin avoid these acne causing foods. Eating too much fat can cause acne Dairy products, Refined carbohydrates,Caffeine --Primary sources of caffeine are coffee, tea (black and green), chocolate, sodas, energy drinks and some pain killers,processed foods.
    Avoiding these foods that cause acne is a big step towards clear skin

  43. lAMBODAR8:42 AM

    cereals can be a source of home remedies for acne.

  44. Sabita8:22 AM

    Cut down on your consumption of sugar and refined
    carbohydrates. Recent research has shown that eating these foods
    triggers a process which leads to a production of too many male
    hormones. In turn, the skin is moved to excrete huge amounts of
    sebum which fosters the increase in skin bacteria - that triggers

  45. Tanushka8:32 AM

    Use bean tea.To make this tea, boil, then simmer a packet of green beans in a quart of water for about ten minutes. Add three tablespoons of dry chamomile flowers before simmering for another ten minutes.

  46. Anagha8:33 AM

    Natural oatmeal or porridge oats are a good home solutions for acne and all sorts of other skin irritations.
    honey is a natural acne fighter, because it actually kills the bacteria that cause acne. You can apply pure honey to your problem pimples after thoroughly cleansing your skin. Keep the honey on your skin for ten minutes, then rinse off. Take care though, this natural acne treatment that will make your pets want to lick your face!

  47. Anonymous8:37 AM

    give up junk foods and processed foods. You can add lemon to your water but you should be drinking plenty of it either way.Take fresh fruit and vegetable juices.Because fresh juices help flush toxins from your system, they will also help get rid of your acne.
    Apply a paste of turmeric and coconut oil to your face and get the extra healing benefits of the coconut oil.

  48. Vimala10:11 AM

    eat healthy (no bad fats, junk food, etc.), drink lots of water, get a good nights sleep, lose stress, and exercise.
    also I use proactive which is amazing for me, so I recommend trying it out

  49. Take a peeled cucumber and grate it well. Apply the grated cucumber on the face and the neck to get rid of pimples and to curb them from appearing again. Regular practice promises to reflect permanent results.

  50. Pooja8:41 AM

    take vitamin D , as it promotes healthy skin and the sloughing off of excess protein in the skin. If protein and dead skin cells cells are not removed, they can clog your pores and cause acne

  51. Sadhwi9:07 AM

    change your diet, fit healthier foods into it, if you already have a good healthy diet great, see what you can do to improve that, remember the more junk food more acne less junk food les acne. and itll help to use a face wash line like, Clearasil-i use clearasil ultra overnight wash, clearasil ultra daily face wash and clearasil ultra rapid acne treatment cream.

  52. Watch what u eat. Nothing too oily, greasy or fatty. (once in a while is ok though)
    And get enough sleep!!!
    Teenagers actually need 9-10 hours sleep. Science fact! Adults only need 8 hours though

  53. Satvik2:36 PM

    diet is a big component in fighting acne try not to eat real fatty foods. Make sure to buy an acid based facial wash to use on your face in the shower. I recommend neoutrogena oil free sacylic acid based achne scrub. I use it in the shower each morning on my face and it really helps. Make sure that your make up isn't irritating your skin, steer clear of comodogenics that settle in your pours.

  54. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Avoid fatty foods, such as potato chips, french fries, burgers etc., as it can cause and oily face. Also, don't put 'acid stuff on', as it could cause harm to your face and damage it even more. What you want is and oil free, acne prone skin face wash. go to Walgreen's, Walmart, Superstore, or any drugstore and get this. You can also order Proactive

  55. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Just try to keep your skin clean, and stay away from oily foods like chips, pizza, even chocolate can cause acne! You should ask your parents if they had acne as teens, if they did- you might be out of luck but if they didn't it might just be random breakouts. It could also have to do with any makeup that you're using. There was an article in a Seventeen Magazins that gives a mask to help acne

  56. surya2:10 PM

    Drinking lots of water helps purify your body & skin!


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