Exercising your hands and fingers

Exercising hands.Though we can’t do much to alter the shape and size of our hands or arms, proper care and grooming can keep them attractive. Exercising hands, wrists and fingers kindles blood circulation in those parts and helps maintain their flexibility and suppleness. And as mentioned in the earlier post, it prevents or delays arthritis in your later years. Here are some simple and easy exercises recommended by one of the yoga instructors. Do these in your free time regularly for great looking agile hands. Exercising hands

* Imagine that you have just rinsed your hands in water. Now shake them vigorously to get rid of water. This relaxes the hands and stretches the fingers.

* Clench your fists tightly for a second and then throw open the fingers as wide as possible.

* Put your hands out in front of you, palm down. Press the fingers tightly against each other and then thrust them apart as widely as possible. Do it 6 times,

* Rest each palm on your shoulder and holding thus rotate your arms from the shoulder joint clockwise and anticlockwise 5 times each.

* Place the palms of your hands together, elbows apart as if you were about to pray. Now pressing the hands hard together throw them forward in a rapid jerky movement. Then bring them back to the vertical position again. Keep palms together throughout the whole movement. Repeat it 6 times.

* Hold a pencil between the thumb and first finger of your left hand. Now, without using your right hand twist the pencil between each finger, then back again. Repeat once, then do it with your right hand.

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  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Hand exercises will help to avoid occurrences of stress injuries or other pains associated with the flexing motion of the hands and fingers. These exercises were created to strengthen the overworked hands of office workers, students, business people or owners of any type of electronic messaging devices
    Squeeze a tennis ball. Try 2 or 3 sets of 10 squeezes per hand every other day.
    After reading each section of your newspaper, roll them into the smallest ball possible.
    More advanced fitness fiends should try doing a few fingertip push-ups


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