Home-made after-shave lotion

If you find waxing your arms and legs painful and messy, you can consider shaving. Shaving is one of the quickest and easiest methods of hair-removal, with the added advantage of getting the top layer of the skin mildly exfoliated. Exfoliation is one of the ways that rids the skin of dead cells and keeps it fresh and glowing. Unlike waxing, one doesn’t have to wait for hair to grow to a certain length. Also, one can shave at any time in the comforts of one’s home. A very convenient way to feel and look clean. And, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t make your hair grow thicker and darker. It is pretty safe and can be resorted to even when one is undergoing laser treatment. In fact, it is best to freshly shave the area just prior to treatment.

shaving legs

Shaving is best done while you bathe. Soaking in a warm bath or shower for a few minutes softens the hair so that it is easier to cut. Use a mild soap or shaving foam to work up lather on the surface of the skin. This moisturizes and protects your skin while shaving. If using an electric shaver, dust surface with talc before shaving. Use firm, clean strokes working against the hair growth. Glide the razor carefully to avoid nicks and cuts. The razor should do the work, not you. Rinse and blot dry skin. You may apply body lotion or an after shave tonic now. Avoid using deodorant or an anti-perspirant for at least a day.

Here’s a refreshing after-shave tonic which you can douse yourself with.


4 tablespoons of orange juice
4 tablespoons of glycerine
little eau de toilette

Combine to obtain a cool, fresh tonic. Apply liberally all over your shaved skin.

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  1. You should be able to leave the lotion on your face after shaving however you should check the ingredients to see if it contains alcohol. If not, you might want to try unscented lotion because the fragrance could be irritating your skin. A lotion made with natural ingredients and for sensitive skin is your best bet.

  2. Kausal11:57 AM

    You should use a moisturizing body wash, instead, like a cream Body wash. If you can feel your stubble right after shaving, that means your razor is either bad, or dull.


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