Laser Hair Removal - Here Are The Answers To 10 Of Your Top Laser Hair Removal Questions!

By Neil Day
If you have questions about laser hair removal that you want answered, then this must be the page you are looking for. We have all the answers to your hair removal problems and questions. To find out more on how to deal with your problems of unwanted hair, read on.
Why Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Becoming So Popular These Days?
Everyone’s talking about the fast and easy method of hair removal: the laser hair removal treatment. Why is it becoming so popular these days? Aside from it being a convenient, fast, easy and painless process, it’s affordability is also one the reasons why its fast becoming a household name where unwanted hairs can be found.
How Long Does The Whole Process Of Laser Hair Removal Take And How Long Will Its Effect Last?
The whole process is usually done in an hour. As for the effects? If the client has religiously followed his or her attendant’s suggestions with the number of sessions required for a successful laser hair removal treatment, the former can usually expect the effects of the treatment to last for a year.
Can Anyone Undergo Laser Hair Removal?
African-Americans and persons with hair color lighter than their complexion will not be admitted for laser hair removal treatment as their skin will tend to absorb more rays than what it usually needed for the purpose of hair removal, making the process dangerous. However, new and innovated laser technology has given rise to new laser hair removal treatments made especially for people with hair color lighter than their complexion.
Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Better Than Electrolysis?
Electrolysis has better results compared to laser treatment. However, electrolysis as a treatment is more expensive than laser treatment and takes a longer time for the whole procedure to finish.
What Are The Parts Of My Body That Can Be Admitted For Laser Hair Removal Treatment?
Most people have their backs, underarms, chests, thighs, arms, upper lip, and bikini lines treated for laser hair removal as these are the most common parts of the body with unwanted hair. Most clinics don’t perform laser hair removal on areas near the eyes such as the brows as this can be dangerous.
Who Are Qualified To Perform Laser Hair Removal Treatment?
Different states have different laws and qualifications on who can perform laser hair removal treatment. Mostly, laser hair treatment is usually performed by licensed nurses and doctors who have had professional training and background on such a delicate procedure. However, electrologists, and medical assistants can also perform the procedure even without supervision.
Can I Still Undergo Laser Hair Removal If I Have Tanned Skin?
People with tanned skin are usually advised to wait for some time until their skin color returns back to its original complexion before undergoing the treatment. This is because of the reason that if your skin color is darker than your hair color, your skin will have the tendency to absorb more laser rays than you actually need for laser hair removal. To an extent, this is dangerous.
How Is Beta Carotene Related To The Laser Hair Removal Treatment?
Beta Carotene can be found in foods with Vitamin A such as carrots. Beta Carotene gives a yellow or orange effect on the skin and prevents the laser rays from being absorbed into the hair follicles. To have an effective and successful laser hair removal treatment, it is advisable to keep away from diets with high Beta Carotene.
What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?
Most people who complain about side effects are those who have dark skin tones and light hair color. They report slight burning and pain on the areas treated by laser hair removal. However, these side effects are easily remedied by prescribed topical creams and in some cases, symptoms of side effects simply die down after a period of time.
Are There Any Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Procedures I Have To Perform With Laser Hair Removal?
Clients scheduled for the laser hair removal treatment are required to avoid extreme exposure to sun as well as to avoid food with high Beta Carotene content. Body parts that will be subjected to the treatment should also be shaved three days before the schedule. The attending doctor will give the client specific instructions and may prescribe creams to make sure that the effects of the treatment will last. Clients undergoing or about to undergo laser hair removal treatment should follow these instructions religiously.

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  1. unknown7:09 PM

    It's more irritating than painful. I think the analogy of snapping rubber bands is pretty good, pinpricks would work too. I think it feels similar to getting a tattoo, except a tattoo keeps hurting. The pain of the laser is really momentary, it hurts but it doesn't last. The smaller the area, the less it will hurt.

  2. I tried light laser it is very good i did it for my whole face and bikini i was sooo happy with the result and it really helped me get rid of something i hated all my life
    i encourage u to do it


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