Home remedies for sprains

Ahhh! – You know how painful it is when you sprain yourself. Some sprains can even leave you immobile and numb with pain for a couple of days. All that is required of you is a bit of pampering and nurturing of those sprained parts. And you will be fit in not time.
sprained ankle

* Hot water fomentation provides a bit of respite. So go for it when you sprain yourself.
* Slightly heat a pulp of tamarind (imli) and apply over the sprain or any swelling caused due to it. It diminishes pain and provides relief.
* Alternatively you could soak tamarind in water and extract the juice. Heat this juice. Add a spoonful of table salt and an equal quantity of jaggery. Boil the mixture until the mixture becomes a jelly-like mass. Apply this hot jelly (bearably hot) on the affected part once everyday till you are relieved of your pain.
* Prepare a mixture of lime juice and honey. Apply it on the affected part.
* Mix powdered jaggery with a little quantity of ghee. Heat it, apply it on the sprain when it is bearably hot and bandage.
* Fresh paste of fenugreek (methi) leaves mixed with lemon juice can also be applied on swellings caused by sprains. This recipe minus the lemon juice works well for reducing the pain caused due to burns also.

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  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    If you want to avoid sprained and strained ankles, don't wear high-heeled shoes.

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Make a paste out of 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon salt, with enough water to form the paste. Use cool water. Applying it to the injury will help reduce swelling.
    If it is a strain rather than a sprain, use a hot paste of turmeric and salt to help pacify the vata.

  3. Aravid4:36 PM

    At the first sign of pain, stop what you're doing. Then for the next few days, use the injured joint as little as possible. As your pain subsides, slowly ease your joint back into action. For example, take slow, short walks to mobilize a sprained ankle or knee. Ice: Apply an ice pack to the injured joint for 20 minutes every few hours. The cold helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Never apply ice directly to your skin,

  4. Dr Anant4:38 PM

    The dried flower heads of the Arnica plant contain chemical compounds that help heal sprains and relieve muscle pain. You could look for Arnica tincture, cream or ointment in health food stores. Apply directly to the injured area.

  5. Dayanand8:57 AM

    Take cayenne with lobelia or valerian root to promote relaxation and aid the healing process.

  6. Oumkar9:06 AM

    Massage cayenne extract, lobelia, or comfrey or marshmallow tea into the affected area

  7. Kartik9:11 AM

    Massage almond oil and garlic oil into the affected area.


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