Skin care for the bride

KajolEvery bride wishes to look ravishing, gorgeous and the loveliest on her D-day. But beauty cannot be gained merely by a few hours of make-up. It should reflect through her skin and her glowing complexion. This can be achieved if she plans her beauty schedule well in advance. She should begin at least a month before. All the extra pains and pampering that she indulges in, during this period will be worth it. It will make her skin glow with radiance; the right make-up on her wedding day will make her stand out from the crowd and she’ll definitely be the cynosure of all eyes.

If she prefers to go the herbal (home-made) way she can use besan (gram-flour) to wash her face instead of soaps or face-washes. She can also pamper herself with a facial at home, if she wishes to. Refer to the procedure here. As for face packs, she can choose the one most suitable for her skin to brighten her complexion. There are several ones mentioned in the previous posts. Just browse through the posts under the label Home made beauty aids and pick your choice. It is as simple as that.

Application of a very simple face-pack with 3 tbsp of besan, ¼ tsp turmeric, 1 tsp lime juice and enough milk to form a smooth paste is also quite effective. (Those with dry skins can add milk-cream). You will see that a month long use of any such home-made pack, your skin will have taken on a sheen as never before.


Twice a week she should set aside some time for an oil bath. For this, apply coconut oil or til (sesame, gingelly) oil on your body with circular motions. Relax for half an hour. Then bathe in warm water after rubbing the following mixture all over your body. Mix equal parts of besan, green gram (moong) and a tsp of turmeric powder to a paste. You will find that this pack successfully cleanses your skin but does not leave your skin dry as soaps do. This body cleansing mask also works well.

All this excessive scrubbing, brushing and mollycoddling is not narcissism - remember you are doing it for your D-day. Right now, if it is getting on your nerves, let us stop this discussion. We’ll continue this in another post some other day. Do wait for it!

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  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Wow, great tips for brides-to-be. I will remember to pass on your very helpful tips to my daughter on her ‘D-day’; she's already very interested in beauty tips! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. Beauty expert8:31 AM

    One of the biggest mistakes a bride can make is NOT doing a test run prior to the wedding. It’s important that the bride and the makeup artist have a chance to connect before the actual event, so that the bride feels confident about her make up choices.

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

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