Middle-East Beauty Secrets - Sand as body scrub?

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Middle East women are renowned for their beauty and have several wacky beauty tricks up their sleeves. By the way, did you know that they use sand as body scrub and as an exfoliation aid? Now sand might seem to be a bit harsh on the skin, but Middle East women swear that it does give remarkable results as a body scrub. What these women do is they take a bowl of clean sand and pass it through a sieve and then use this clean, fine sand for scrubbing their body. They recommend this especially for smoothing the skin on the legs. They also use baking soda mixed with Rose water as a facial scrub.

Note: If you do want to try this sand body scrub, ensure that the sand particles are extremely fine or else it will leave your skin raw and this can do more harm than good. You might also want to try bare-foot sand walking to exfoliate the skin on the soles of your feet and also lose some weight in the process. 

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Neeraja9:07 AM

    Wow. great tips.. I’m going to try .

  2. I was waiting waiting for this to come.

  3. Rakshita9:27 AM

    This sounds very easy and effective. I'll definitely try it.

  4. Prashanti9:29 AM

    sounds nice but where does the sand go?

  5. Namrata9:31 AM

    super excellent! if you've got all day!

  6. Suman9:33 AM

    I loved this! It was easy.

  7. Scrub & rub a dub the sand all over your body.Dry off and put on sunscreen. Your skin should feel like butt-ah.

  8. I do this all the time. I just get bored while sitting on the beach and start rubbing it into my legs lol

  9. Carllin9:34 AM

    I do this whenever I am at the beach. Nothing like a free scrub from mother nature. The after results of smooth skin are worth it.

  10. Indira9:35 AM

    Cool idea!!! Love free beauty treatments!

  11. Damini9:36 AM

    Free beauty treatments, what more could a gal want lol

  12. Sounds like it works, I'll try it next time.

  13. Bharati9:39 AM

    This is a free and easy idea. Another thing that I have tried and it really does work is the Milky Feet socks. Works wonders, but does take a few days to come into effect.

  14. Anjali9:40 AM

    Adding herbs and flowers to your scrub will make it look more attractive, add additional exfoliation and can have other benefits as well

  15. Neela9:43 AM

    Mix the sand with enough oil to feel and act as a good exfoliant


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