Fashion Slip-ups


It's so uncool to do the following things…

Fashion slip-ups that you should avoid:
  • Blindly following a fashion trend without bothering to see whether it suits you or not.
  • Wearing contrasting colored undergarments. (Wearing a white bra with a black blouse or a white underwear with black trousers) Also read When white's not so cool… & Avoid visible panty lines
  • Chipped nail polish on toe and finger nails. Well-manicured nude nails are much better. Also read Is it cool to match nails on your fingers and toes & Wear nail paints with open-toed sandals.
  • Undergarments, particularly bra straps peering out. Also avoid this "butt" show.
  • Applying light, colored foundation on dark-skin tone to give a white-cast appearance and using excessive blush.
  • Wearing jarring colored lipsticks √† la Dolly Bindra. See pic.
  • Adjusting your hair and brushing back the real or imaginary strands of hair from your face every now and then.
  • Wearing Jhumkas (long dangling earrings) and Bindis with Western wear.
  • Wearing heavy gold jewellery. It's just so pass√©.

(Contributed by Dhanya)

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