Reward yourself!

Reward yourself occasionally. Do not have unrealistic hopes that people will do things for you. For instance, no one will gift you your favourite perfume or make a cup of tea  for you or offer to cook for you at the end of a tiring day. You alone have to get it done.  So instead of having expectations from others, it's wise to treat yourself now and then when you reach a personal milestone or when you feel you have done something good.
Agreed that acknowledgment is one of the basic human needs and it  feels good when people, especially your near and dear ones recognize your worth and applaud you for your accomplishments. But not everything happens the way you wish. And anyway, it's unrealistic to expect others to do something for you; you will only feel letdown if they don't react the way you want them to or if things don't work your way.

Be aware - even your own folks including your parents/spouse/friend may or may not acknowledge your achievements. But this shouldn't deter you from rewarding yourself for the little victories and joys in life.
Don't wallow in self-pity and expect someone else to reward you for your accomplishments. Do it yourself!

Tiding over a major family crisis, the kids passing with good marks, accomplishing an arduous project, getting that much awaited promotion, your birthday or anything at all you feel worth celebrating - don't wait for someone else to do it for you.

If they do, well and good, but if they don't, there's no need to feel sad and and wallow in self-pity, wondering why no one cares for you or bothers to gift you. Learn to appreciate yourself first!
(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Vivek9:16 AM

    If you program your mind to want to succeed, you will be able to push yourself further than you ever have before.

  2. Karthik9:18 AM

    set up a goal for your week.

  3. David9:19 AM

    If you break your personal best don't forget to pat yourself on the back and enjoy the moment.It will help you do it more often.

  4. Raviraj9:21 AM

    Rewards can be as simple as a gold star or a smiley face in your notebook or calendar. Pick something that's unique to you and makes you feel good.

  5. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Rewarding yourself is not only fun, but has practical benefits as well. Taking a break to celebrate your hard work will keep you motivated to try just as hard the next time. Don’t underestimate the incentive that even a small reward at the end of the horizon can provide

  6. Karunya9:33 AM

    I head outdoors; fresh air is a reward in itself after so many hours of studying!

  7. Falon9:34 AM

    after i do something hard i just come on spark-notes

  8. Sourabh9:38 AM

    Compliment yourself. Write down what you would say to anyone else who accomplished what you did.

  9. Rahul9:39 AM

    Make a grab bag of little prizes. When you reach a significant goal, reach in and get your reward!

  10. Andrew9:40 AM

    Put $1 in a jar every time you meet a goal. When it gets to $50, treat yourself.

  11. Sharukh9:42 AM

    Find some time to be by yourself.

  12. Imran9:43 AM

    good idea!

  13. A lot of small rewards, used for meeting smaller goals, are more effective than relying solely on the bigger rewards that require more work and more time.

  14. Muskan9:52 AM

    Make the reward meaningful to you. As a reward, a new pair of shoes may not hold as much motivation as a simple night alone with a book. Then again, it might.

  15. Anonymous9:59 AM

    "Battle-hardened confidence" and "turning a setback into an opportunity".
    It's so obvious that these are not just nice ideas - you are making them a reality in your own life experience.

  16. Amrutam10:00 AM

    I really enjoyed this. Thank you so much for sharing. It resonates for me as well.

  17. I'm inspired by your post!

  18. Ichcha10:03 AM

    What a wonderful blog. Yes, amen and amen. Thanks for sharing

  19. Vaibhavi10:05 AM

    I find a doze of perspective to be a good antidote to self-pity.

  20. Anonymous10:08 AM

    "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

  21. Babanand10:13 AM

    I reward myself by rewarding others.

  22. Kasturi10:15 AM

    My reward when I have done right or achieved a goal (target) - When I pray, My prayer is satisfying. My prayer is my reward.

  23. But most of all, love your enemies, help the helpless, and be happy with what you have……

  24. Sabita9:15 AM

    nice blog, great resources!


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