3 Home Remedies To Naturally Kill Your Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a huge issue in anybody's life, especially if you have a very active social life. People don't want to face you if your breath has a foul odor.

Bad breath can easily stop you from advancing in your career, making friends, finding love, and kill your self-confidence. It is important to learn what causes this problem, how to prevent it, and how to treat it effectively.

Causes The other name for bad breath is halitosis and eating certain foods often causes it. Foods like onions, garlic, and fish can cause odor producing bacterias to multiply in your mouth. Smoking is also a huge contributor to bad breath.

There are also some health issues that can cause bad breath. Health problems like gum disease, dry mouth, sinus infection, acid reflux, yeast infection of the mouth, liver problems, and even bronchitis. Dental problems like dental appliances that don't fit securely in your mouth and dental caries can also cause you to have bad breath.

Prevention To help you avoid developing bad breath you should look for dental products that have the ADA label on them. Don't think because you use some mouthwash you won't have to deal with bad breath anymore.

Mouthwash will only stop that funky odor in your mouth temporarily.  If you do decide to gargle some mouthwash you should always look for the ones that has an antiseptic to kill the odor causing bacteria in your mouth.

When you brush your teeth you should clean them for at least two minutes to get rid of all the bacteria on the surfaces. While brushing,  you should also make sure you get your tongue cleaned properly because this is where the most odor comes from.

Home Remedies

Parsley You can eat some parsley to stop bad breath because it has some chlorophyll in it. Chlorophyll is used in many dental products to help deodorize bad breath. Grab some at your local grocery store and chew on a sprig. You could even chop up some sprigs of parsley and toss it with your salad to eat.


Make Your Own Herbal Toothpaste As stated earlier brushing your teeth is important to keep bad breath away. You should brush your teeth at least twice everyday to clean your teeth properly. You can make your own homemade toothpaste with a herbal twist.

This simple herbal toothpaste can be made using two tablespoons of fresh dill, 1/4 cup of baking soda, 3 teaspoons of salt, and 1/2 a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Dill is just like parsley because it has the same high chlorophyll and antibacterial properties.

Dill salt hydrogen peroxide

To make the toothpaste simply fine chop the dill in a food processor and add the baking soda and salt to the mix. You can then just pulse the mixture into a fine powder. Add the hydrogen peroxide and pulse some more until it reaches the consistency ideal for toothpaste. Add the herbal toothpaste to your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual.

Anise is a strong herb normally used for cooking because it is so fragrant. Anise has great antibacterial properties to help eliminate bad breath. You can chew on some of the anise seeds, or make a tea out of it by boiling it in some water and then drink it.


These 3 effective home remedies should keep you safe from bad breath. The great thing about these home remedies is that you can use them on a daily basis to keep your breath smelling fresh and clean. For more home-remedies check this post as well.

(Guest Post by John)

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  1. Bhavana3:03 PM

    Mints and gum just cover up the bad breath for a short time. Good oral hygiene is to brush and floss the teeth and then clean the tongue with a good tongue cleaner.

  2. Pavani3:04 PM

    parsley or digestive help like ginger(actual root) tea.

  3. You have to get a deep cleaning for a dental hygienist

  4. Teena3:06 PM

    Your bad breath is usually becasue of what you eat. If you eat a great deal of onions or garlic or anything with a strong odor, it is more likely to remain in your breath. Also.. you need to buy a tongue scraper and get all the stuff off of your tongue. That is where most of the odor bacteria lie.

  5. viraj3:12 PM

    brush your teeth and eat healthy

  6. Niranjan3:13 PM

    Mouthwash, mints

  7. Hardik3:15 PM

    Lots of parsley can help. You can buy it in pill form, or you can eat the herb too.
    Stay away from foods that cause bad breath (raw onions, garlic, coffee)

  8. Rakshita3:14 PM

    Make a habit of chewing saunf (fennel seeds) after every meal. This not just freshens the breath but also aids digestion.
    Prepare a paste of sandalwood by rubbing it with water on a clean stone slab. Squeeze half a lemon in it. Use this mixture as a mouth wash. This will freshen the breath.
    Bitter neem with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties is ideal for cleaning teeth. So brush teeth with neem twigs and neem paste. It is good for the gums also.

  9. Manish3:16 PM

    home remedy for bad breath is the mere practice of cleaning your mouth once you have finished your meal. Making it a habit to keep your mouth free from food particles stops the bacteria to thrive inside the mouth. Nonetheless,


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