Combating the Cold and Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

During the winter months, it’s tempting to try to beat the cold and dry air outside by curling up in front of a heater. The truth is that this is just as bad for your skin (and can sometimes be even worse). If you want to keep your skin as healthy and as moisturized as possible, here are some things that will help you out.


This is your skin. This is your skin without the proper moisture in the winter.

Your Face
Make sure you find a moisturizer that is actually meant for your skin. When it’s cold and dry out, your instinct might be to go for the thickest moisturizers and really pile them on. This will only lead to a dulled complexion and, most likely, breakouts because the thicker the product, the more likely it is to trap dead skin cells and keep your skin from breathing properly. So go for the highest quality moisturizer for your skin type that you can afford.

Don’t skip the exfoliation. If your skin is dry, it is going to feel more fragile than it usually does. This will make you hesitant to take on any sort of sloughing activity. Resist the urge to back off here. Exfoliating is important. It encourages cell renewal, which helps the cells with the most moisture make their way to the surface. Make sure, though, that you moisturize right after you exfoliate to keep your face as protected as possible.

Always wear sunscreen. Sunscreen keeps your face from drying out in the winter sun—even cloudy or dark days carry some risk of UV damage. Plus, sunscreen is another layer of moisture to help protect your skin!

Your Lips Apply your lip balm (make sure it’s a good one) regularly throughout the day. Your lips are going to dry out faster than the rest of your face, which means that they are going to soak up that lip balm almost as fast as you can apply it. This doesn’t mean that you should just cake on whatever kind of cheap chapstick or lip balm you find. Invest in something of top quality, preferably with UV protection, to give your lips the protection that they deserve.

Your Body
Combating the Cold and Keeping Your Skin Moisturized
The rest of you needs moisture too!

Like with your face, you shouldn’t skip on the exfoliating. Use a good quality loofah to slough off the dead skin cells so that the healthier and more moisture rich cells will have an easier time traveling to the surface.
While your face might take top priority (since it’s the part of you that doesn’t typically get bundled up in layers of clothing), don’t forget about moisturizing the rest of your body. Get a good moisturizing soap with some lotion added to it for the best results.

Apply lotion as soon as you get out of the shower. Instead of thoroughly drying your skin in the winter, the way you would in the warmer months, simply pat yourself dry with your towel to soak up the excess water that’s on your skin. Then immediately apply a good moisturizing lotion (you can find them at affordable prices in pretty much every drug store and body shop). Don’t rush to get dressed, though! Allow the lotion time to soak in to your skin before you put on your outfit for the day. This way you won’t have to worry about moisturizing your clothing more than moisturizing yourself.

Your Insides Drink plenty of water. This is the rule all year, but in the winter—when you are prone to drying out—it becomes even more important. Remember that your body needs moisture on the inside as well as on the outside!

Keep yourself hydrated always!

Moisturizing doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it becomes routine!

Byline: Erin Steiner is a full-time freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. Niranjan1:58 PM

    Wash your hands. Germs often spread through our hands.

  2. Manisha1:59 PM

    Stay hydrated. Water flushes your system, including the poisons that might enter the body during cold and flu season.

  3. Prachi2:00 PM

    Work from home as much as possible.

  4. Kedar2:07 PM

    chicken soup helps ease cold symptoms by having a mild anti-inflammatory effect in the body. The steam from the hot soup can have a decongestant effect on the nasal passages, and the salty broth can help sooth a sore throat

  5. Radhika2:10 PM

    Vitamin D, available for free in the sun's rays, boosts immunity,combats cold and flu

  6. Beauty Expert2:44 PM

    first, don't take long, hot showers.
    as soon as you get out of the shower put on a body cream. a body cream is thicker than a lotion, and will last longer. look for something with shea butter in it, in a high concentration. (one of the first ingredients)
    soap also dries your skin, use a body wash.

  7. viraj2:47 PM

    To keep your skin from peeling you need to remove the dead layer of skin (that is peeling).
    Wash your face with a paste made from oatmeal and milk. The oatmeal will help to remove the dead, dry skin and the milk will moisturize it. You can use it everyday.
    Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer and it is not 'greasy'.


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