10 Essential Items for Woman Wardrobe

Its definitely the fall season and now it’s the right time to discard flip flops and shorts and take into consideration jeans and boots. No matter what your style quotient is, the key to an amazing wardrobe is selecting the foundation pieces, which are the best to work with.

These are the basic items that you’ll need to make a strong foundation. If you don’t have any of them, then remember its better to invest in any of them rather than buying trendier items. Year after year, these items will serve you the best.
Jeans In present times, the jeans have become an essential item of a wardrobe. Opt for dark wash jeans that are easy to dress and provide you a slimmer look. Pair it with a pair of boots or with flats.

dark wash jeans
G by GUESS Jessie Jean Leggings - Dark Wash

The Blazin Blazer Undoubtedly, blazer is an important piece of your wardrobe. It doesn’t make a difference whether you buy from a superstore retailer, consignment shop or a thrift store. The only thing that you need to make sure is the blazer should not be ill fitted.

2B Stud Ponte Blazer

Jacket A certain chill in the air doesn’t mean to pull out full puffy jacket from your closet. Instead opt for quilted jackets. It is a great alternative and offers classic pattern along with a layer of warmth.

quilted jacket
Dickies Women's Channel Quilted Jacket

Coat for the Season It is one of the most important and significant wardrobe elements. Opt for a dark neutral color coat like charcoal, navy and black. The lighter color shows off a lot of dirt. This winter go for a navy blue trench coat with a zipper liner. Trench coats tend to be light in weight, practical and a cozy option. And the best part is these coats never go out of style.
navy blue trench coat
Tommy Hilfiger Women's Marlo Trench Coat

Cardigan Sweaters Apart from the blazer, another fashion trend that is quite catching in is cardigans. You can button up the sweater or zip it up. All you need to do is to pair it up with neutral colors. You can team it up with a white blouse or a standard black dress. Accentuate it with the right accessories.
cardigan sweaters
Rip Curl Juniors Woodland Sweater

Turtle Neck Tops The Turtle Neck Tops have been there since decades, but they are a perfect style statement for this fall. You can never look wrong with them. Opt for a few dark neutral colors like charcoal, navy and black. One of the best things with the turtleneck top is- you can pair it up with cashmere or light cotton silk. It is a perfect wardrobe element for all those inhabitants of the South Florida.
turtle neck top 
ToBeInStyle Women's Long Sleeve Turtleneck T-Shirt Mock Neck Top Material - Navy

Knee High Boots These knee high boots can be teamed up with anything commencing from skirts, dresses, corduroys and jeans.You can even select the color of the boot light brown, black or dark brown and ensure that it is in between the mid calf and above the knees. Also, it should not have a heel that is higher than an inch otherwise it will take a toll of your health.
knee high boots
Rockport Women's Juliet Knee-High Boot

Leather Carryall Although the trend of carrying a diaper bag is gone, but chances are there that you may need to stuff some items that you need on a regular basis commencing from snacks to band aids, in case there is an accident. For all such requirements a leather carryall is the best solution. This stylish handbag is spacious enough to handle daily totes.
leather carryall
Coach Chelsea Leather Jayden East West Carryall Satchel Bag 17811 M Walnut

If you are not fond of a leather bag, opt for a heavy canvas tote with dark color to produce a similar effect.
canvas tote
JanSport Ella Tote Bag

White Blouse The White Blouse is an essential wardrobe item that never goes out of style. It looks chic and amazing. White is a neutral color, so it complements with nearly everything. Pair it up with sweater, or with jeans or skirt or with a business. It really doesn’t matter how your white blouse look, but it’s sure that everyone will get attracted.
white blouse
bebe Metallic Stripe Poplin Button Up Blouse

Scarves Last but not the least; incorporate a beautiful scarf in your closet. You can wear it around the neck or on hair or can accentuate it with a sleek business suit.
"Best Seller" Scarf Shawl Pashmina Wrap Throw

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