8 Reasons Why Beauty Supply Websites Should Accept Online Payments

Your beauty supply website is up and running, but you don’t accept online payments. Why? The whole point of online shopping revolves around buying and paying for products in one place.

Sure you have your reasons, but they will hold back your success. Most shoppers can come up with a multitude of reasons to accept online payments, and you should listen to them.

Dont Accept Online Payments
         What? You don’t accept online payments?


Online shopping offers consumers the convenience of sitting at home to do their shopping. They don’t want to shop and then have to contact your office later to make the purchase final. Mobile payments make online shopping convenient and simple.

Return Shoppers  

Shoppers will return to your beauty supply website if they know you offer the convenience of online payments. Once they learn you do not offer online payments, they probably won’t return.


Online shopping provides shy shoppers an avenue to shop in peace. If a consumer knows they will have to speak to someone about payment, they will probably opt to shop elsewhere. Accepting online payments helps them maintain the privacy they desire.

Guarantee of Product  

You tell a customer a product is in stock. The customer waits several days to make a payment for the item, and now you don’t have it in stock anymore. You just lost a sale. If the payment is instantly made online, then the products can be guaranteed. No more angry customers.

More Payment Options  

Using an online payment system can also allow you to accept more types of payments and credit cards. Most online payment programs let you accept payments from all or most credit card companies, and they also accept PayPal or other online payment options.

your payment is secured
         Rest assured your payment is secure.

Guarantee of Payment  

Is there anything more frustrating than holding a product for a shopper only to find they have no intention of purchasing the item, or they send you a bad check for payment? Maybe the credit card number they gave you is a fake? Online payment ensures guarantee of payment with every purchase.

Added Security  

Online payment programs add security features to the online checkout of your website. Shoppers will know their payment is secure and will have more confidence in the integrity of your online store. You will also have the added confidence that your customer’s information is stored safely in your system.

Make Business Easier to Manage  

Online payment programs also offer great software tools to automatically email receipts, print shipping labels, and store shipping information. They also tally shipping costs and tax charges, and they keep a record of monthly sales and expenses.

All you have to do is print it out and store the information safely in your records. No more bookkeeping nightmares.

Kim Wade is a freelance writer who writes about motherhood, technology, and online shopping.

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