Health Drink with Sesame, dry coconut / copra & jaggery

I'd like to share a wonderful DIY health drink that will rejuvenate you instantly after a hectic, tired day.

sesame dry coconut juice
  • White sesame seeds (Amazon)– 4 heaped teaspoons
  • Dry coconut scrapings (Copra)  / Dessicated coconut (Amazon)– 4 heaped teaspoons
  • Jaggery (gud / gur) (Buy from Amazon) or honey (buy from Amazon) –according to taste
dry coconut gratings
jaggery and honey

Dry roast white sesame seeds in a pan till it becomes slightly brown. Take dry coconut scrapings and roasted sesame seeds and grind it in a mixer with some water to make a paste. Transfer this paste to a bowl; dilute it with some water and then strain this juice to fill a glass. Now add some jaggery or honey to taste and have it.

This beverage is excellent for those with irregular or delayed menstrual issues. Consuming sesame seeds and jaggery, 2 weeks before your scheduled date work favourably in  balancing your hormones and bringing on a period in time. Being rich in calcium, both sesame and jaggery and are good for bone health as well as to ease  PMS symptoms. Also both jaggery and sesame are rich in iron and helpful in anemia.   Sesame is high in selenium, a trace mineral that is essential for the liver detoxification. Jaggery too helps detoxify your liver. Jaggery is also a very high energy food. Dry or dehydrated coconut / copra too contains iron and fibre. Furthermore it has protein, carbohydrate and fat content and is filling. So a drink with these 3 ingredients, sesame, jaggery and dried coconut will provide instant energy when you are feeling lethargic or down with fatigue. For resolving menstrual issues, it is recommended that you sweeten this drink with jaggery otherwise you can do with honey too. Honey is after all, a wonder food, probiotic and full of antioxidants and immense health benefits. You can read about the medicinal uses of honey here.

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