Beauty beverages - can they really make a difference in how you look?

“Beauty beverages” has invaded the current market with allegations that they can improve the way people look on the outside and feel on the inside. Many claim to perfect skin imperfections, diminish wrinkles, and strengthen the hair and nails.

However, are beauty drinks that efficient?

These beverages are actually vitamin-enriched drinks. Amino acids and various botanicals are included in their composition; some of them have antioxidant properties, which are meant to keep damaging chemicals and free radicals at bay.

Beauty beverages & food

We have to point out that vitamin drinks can’t replace the health benefits we get from food. Yes, they do offer some benefits, but food is still the main source of nutrients we should use to maintain our bodies in proper health.

Many people don’t believe that beauty beverages have that many benefits. That’s because the market is packed with lots of bad products; and we’re particularly talking about supplement companies that advertise drinks with an incredible amount of chemicals.

The truth is very people have the time to adhere to a healthy meal plan. Bad dieting triggers weight gain, and extra weight leads to severe health problems in the future.

There are beauty drinks with positive effects on your mind and body; however, these can be bought exclusively from nutritionists. In fact, only a certified physician will know what you need to start gaining back your glow.

The controversial aspects of beauty beverages

Vitamin drinks are in high demand because of their nutritional boosting properties. However, nutritionists don’t agree that all of them are beneficial for your health. Why are women so crazy about these beverages?

First of all, because it’s a lot more satisfying to sip from a sweet, tasty drink than pop a pill. Second, because there are trustworthy organic companies out there that make good products. Not every brand has hidden purposes, and some are actually interested in restoring people’s health.

How do we know which products are good and which are bad when all of them look the same? Experts say that we must pay a closer look at the main ingredients. Efficient beauty drinks must not have added sugar, chemicals, preservatives, and other artificial compounds.

Sometimes, the healthy food that we eat on a daily basis is not enough to keep us active and productive for a whole day. In this case, including all-natural vitamin drinks may be advised. It’s not easy to have beautiful skin, healthy hair and strong nails, especially if you don’t have time to eat at least 3 healthy meals per day.

Sometimes, the body can’t absorb necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. That’s where beauty drinks come in. They have increased amounts of vitamins, thus having the ability to fill in deficiencies.

Drinks that contain aloe vera (in pure form), ginseng, thyme, green tea, and black tea, can be extremely efficient. They don’t just pack system with antioxidants, but also give the body an energy boost.

Benefits of beauty beverages

Beauty beverages can have a positive effect of people’s diets. Because they also contain water, they regulate people’s digestive systems. There are many people who can’t stand the taste of pure water; by avoiding it altogether, their bodies dehydrate and their general health starts to decay.

The food types that we put into our bodies reflect on our skin and hair. Beauty beverages may compensate vitamin and mineral deficiencies provided that they’re based on all-natural ingredients and no artificial flavors and colorants. Here are some examples:
  • Tea blends – health drinks based on a special selection of teas such as green, black, rooibos tea, and others
  • Collagen replenish powders
  • Berry shakes
  • Coconut water
  • Aloe Vera drinks
The main purpose of beauty beverages is to provide the body with a boost in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are in fact enzymes (proteins) and important nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that help put off, repair damage to your body’s tissues and keep it supplemented. Antioxidants keep damaging free radicals at bay, and they make sure that our skin and hair are maintained in the healthiest condition.

Would you be willing to try a beauty beverage? Consult a nutritionist in advance, just to make sure that you’re making the right choice. 

(Contributed by Edward Francis)

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