Hit the Gym Often? You’ll Need These Skincare Tips

“Mens sana in corpore sano,” says the old Latin proverb. Ones who live in accordance with it know what it actually refers to. Every day, people are trying to improve their health through numerous actions. From reducing their diet, numerous detox programs to working out regularly, we are enhancing our overall health, as well as mental state. Apart from leading your body to pure perfection, regular working out requires investing a lot of time and effort. However, while there numerous products that provide your organs and muscles with special care, there is no such program when it comes to our skincare. Our skin also goes through numerous changes while we are working out and it needs to be tightened, nourished and strengthened.

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In need of such products, Mio Skincare was founded. These products are meant to fit our skin and enhance its health. This series contains numerous products that are specially designed for various types of working out and it comes with numerous useful pieces of advice about our nutrition and health. However, Mio Skincare products nourish, hydrate, strengthen our skin, remove cellulite and ease sore muscles.  Here is a list of ingredients that are a must-have when it comes to skincare after the gym.

Magnesium is one of the key factors that regenerate our sore muscles after an extremely exhausting training. However, it is widely known that people usually lack magnesium and then try increasing its intake in numerous ways.

Workout Wonder is a gel based on Magnesium that serves as a great pre-training preparation and eases your sore muscles after the training. It also contains some calming essential oils that also nourish your skin before and after the gym.

If you have problems with cellulite, don’t worry. You are not the only one. Actually, almost every woman in the world has problems with cellulite. No matter how young or fit one is, cellulite is quite resistant.
Dealing with the cellulite is hard and exhausting, but you shouldn’t give up. Try products, such as Shrink to Fit and The Mio Body Brush which will make an obvious difference.

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Tight Skin
As you work out, your fat disappears and muscles develop more and more. However, there is one problem related to your skin - it cannot change its size. For example, if an overweight person loses weight, her skin will remain the same. There are many treatments and products, such as Skin Tight containing powerful serums that will tighten your skin and make it look young and smooth.

If such products are not enough for you, you could always visit a skin rejuvenation clinic. There are numerous such clinics in Sydney, where your skin would be rejuvenated and tightened flawlessly.

Workout Swipes
If you don’t have time for a shower after the gym, you shouldn’t worry. Although many women feel very uncomfortable in such situation, there are numerous products, such as Clean Slate Workout Swipes that will take care of your skin before you have a shower. They are alcohol-free and they contain numerous ingredients that nourish, balance your skin and prevent breakouts.

Sore muscles
After an exhausting training, every part of your body will be irritated and sore. Even when you think that there is no hope for such problem, don’t be surprised. There are many products, like Liquid Yoga which contains essential oils, arnica, and murumuru butter that will help your muscles relax and enhance your circulation. After such amazing treatment, you will be ready for new ventures.

Finally, it has been a long time since someone started paying attention to our skin as an extremely important part of your working out. As our largest organ, we eliminate most of the toxins through our skin. That’s why we need to be thankful for it. These products will nourish and tighten your skin, providing it with most crucial ingredients needed for its fast recovery after an exhausting day at the gym.

Image courtesy of Rance Costa
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  1. Diana5:45 PM

    Apply sunblock each time you go outside, also apply moisturizers daily after shaving. Eliminate smoking and meditate, since stress causes skin to age prematurely.


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