Stunning Bridal Beauty Tips For Valentine Wedding

Congratulations! You are getting married and that too on a Valentine's day—lucky you. This opportunity falls only in fewer hands, guess you guys are too romantic to take the risk. Now, it's time to start planning all those beauty milestones to get you in blushing bride shape.

We created a beauty bridal checklist to get you 100% ready to walk down the isle.

Bridal Beauty Tips For Valentine Wedding

Facial and peels

3 months out, focus on your skin. Wedding is a perfect opportunity to see a dermatologist, so plan a facial or a few in a months leading to your wedding. Don't leave facials for the last day because, you cannot afford to have breakouts on your wedding day.

And, if you want to save time and  money, there are many big brand oxygen masks that brightens your face and is next great thing than spending your day at a spa.


Emotions run high on a wedding day and waterworks can wreak havoc on even the best waterproof eye makeup. Have a eyelash comb to declump the clumped mascara on your eyes and a cotton swab with a bit of moisturizer to clean any smudge on a wedding day.

Use eye drops, so that your eyes look bright and white in all the pictures.

Make up

If you are doing it yourself or you are hiring a professional, you would want to try it in advance, at least once. Since, it is a Valentine wedding, you don't want to look any less than a princess.

So, start planning your look at least one month in advance. Ask your friends, see some beauty videos and blogs on line. Take a picture for inspiration and talk to your makeup artist and finalize your wedding day look.

Haircut and color

You don't require any drastic changes in your hair cut and color. Your fiancée love the way you look already. If you want, go ahead and trim your bangs or freshen up your highlights at least two weeks before the wedding, so that it looks more natural for your wedding day.

And if you are blond, don't try going brunette and if you have long hair, it is not the time to chop it all off. Just remember, look just like you, on your wedding day and not like you are trying to bring a latest trend.

Teeth whitening

Since, it's your wedding and you are going to get clicked a lot, your teeth needs to be perfectly white. You can take professional whitening and see significant results in just 160 minute session and for better shining teeth on a Valentine wedding day, go for two -160 minute sessions, before your wedding.

Also, if you are on a budget, start using a whitening toothpaste, at least two months before your wedding.


Nails are the easiest part of the beauty routine. Since you are going to be busy on your big day, why not try a manicure, the day before. Get your own nail color to the salon, so in case you get a smudge or a chip, you can fix it easily.

A classic pink is always a great wedding color, but why not use your manicure as a way to wear something blue.

Now, relax, smile and get excited because you are going to be the the absolutely stunning bride. Your special day is going to be huge and you will be the one of a kind bride, if you spend enough time on your beauty a few months before your wedding.

No matter what kind of venue you choose including Sweet 16 Venues Long Island , these makeup tips would work for any background and any weather.

(Contributed by Amanda)

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