Layering Ideas for Pepping Your Winter Style

Winter layering is like an art, where you need to know the pieces that work with each other and can help you create fall looks like a pro. Sadly, most fashionistas either don’t know the ways to get things right or simply overdo it. Take a look at this practical guide that tells on how winter layers can get hotter for season and make you feel the warmth effortlessly.

Play it bright: A bright coloured cropped jacket or any other outerwear is easily among the most recent updates you have for the fall in mind. With the winters setting in the Australia and New Zealand, you can get one bright coloured layering item in the closet, and what makes it even worthy is the fact that people will no longer check your same old denims or pants as frequently as they would otherwise.

Opt for the right colour combo in leather: Many women are against leather for obvious reasons, but don’t worry because you have PU and synthetic leather options that are equally good. Click here to find some of the best leather pants, as that’s what you need for a quick fashion upgrade. Make your leather pants work by opting for a good colour combo. Layering with use of bright colours can be quite a likeable thing to do.

Add the accessories: Whether it’s a pair of oxfords, a nice scarf or even a warm stole, accessories can be great in helping you get the layered look. Just change your old cropped denims into a special item by adding a warm scarf or even a pair of attention grabbing flats, the choice is yours. Accessories always offer something worth gazing, and sometimes you might to change the way people see your main clothing choices.

Dress with a T-shirt: Your regular T-shirt can get just better when you use it as your camisole and add the dress over it. Of course, you need a tee that can hug the body and doesn’t ruin the dress you have chosen, and when you get that right, layering for winters only gets innovative and better. Ensure that both the items don’t clash in colours and prints, and you have a winning look for every evening outing!

With the boots on: Skinny pants and denims work wonders when paired with a rather loose pair of boots. Boots for the winter can be your layering essential, although most women focus on other bigger things. If you are looking for shoes online, most stores will have boots to offer in varied shades. For the complete look, you need skinny tights, a nice pair of black boots and preferably black mid length coat. Once ready, tie your hair into a pony and hit the streets with the right attitude!

Get started because winter layering can be an amazing experimental forte!

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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and the editor for The House of Elegance Fashion- A growing fashion blog! She is known for her love for fashion runway trends and ways of decoding style norms.

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