Spice Up your Boring Life

Are you sick and tired of the day-to-day routine of your life? Well, as some of the wise men put it, life is a roller coaster, full of joys and sorrows – the same set of friends, same places and ways to celebrate.

All this steals the sheen and sparkle from life and makes it dull and monotonous. Breaking this monotony of life which can further lead to stress, depression and frustration is like a challenge to most of you out there, no matter to what age-group you might belong to.

 woman bored

Rahul is a 19-years-old fun-loving guy, who spends most of his time in college, juggling with bunking lectures and chilling out and having a good time with his friends.

Although he does not do anything substantial during the day, by the end of the day he is dead, tired and still not satisfied with his life and not very happy and contented at the core of his heart.

It is 5:30 in the evening and Laura is still busy juggling with her PC. She has sipped around 5-6 cups of coffee during the day.

She reaches home at around 7, takes a nap, have dinner, listens to some music, catches up with a chat show or an episode of some stupid daily soap and goes off to sleep to an absolutely similar day.

There is no charm left in her life. At weekends also, she just whiles away here time doing nothing that gives her enjoyment and contentment.

At some point of time, there comes a situation where you feel as if life has attained a saturation level and you cannot see anything interesting and revitalizing beyond its normal course. There is no enthusiasm or zest left in our actions and reactions.

This dullness and platitudes can have a devastating and extremely distressing impact on your psyche and can turn one’s high spirits to ashes.

The challenge is to make this monotonous and banal lifestyle tolerable and enjoyable. And the key to this lies in looking for happiness and mental satisfaction in small but imperative things that either life has to offer or those which you can introduce to your life.

Make your life pleasurable

But, the crucial question is by what ways you can make the ordinary present moment of life extraordinary and memorable. The best way is to accept life as it is and learn to be happy anyway. Treasure every ,moment and every second of life, and make the best possible use of it.

Following are a few ways that can help you break the monotony of life and present your life with some joy and satisfaction along with peace and serenity of mind:

1) Create and search for moments that give you pleasure and bring a smile on your face. Begin with making a list of all your favorite things and keep them all close by.

Develop the art of admiring the night sky, the moon and the twinkling of the stars. Sounds a bit philosophical and fantasizing about it can add an element of freshness to your dull life.

2) Another good option is to surround yourself with some good and wonderful people. This involves going to new places and hang-outs, to parties with people of a different kind of mindset and making some new friends.

Interacting with new people can be energizing and can revitalize your monotonous social life.
Sometimes you need a night to bond with the ladies in your life. Read the posts DIY Home Spa Day With Friends & Girls Night Guide: 10 Activities to Pamper and Bond.

Any relationship after a point of time loses its charm, so, it is very important to constantly keep on widening your circle of friends. Spend ample time in getting to know all these new people in your life.  At the same time, spend some quality time with your family, do something for them and make them feel special.
spend quality time with friends

3) If not all these, the easiest way out, especially for the younger generation, is to get boy or girl friend and go with him / her for some memorable dates.

4) Of course, there is no limit to creative and innovative tasks. So, try your hand at something new, something other than your usual hobbies and interests.

5) Work as a freelancer at a radio station, a TV channel or a publication house. If you have a creative hand, make some paintings and put up an exhibition at a local art gallery.

If you like stitching, make some cool outfits and sell them through a nearby fashion boutique.

Do something enjoyable

If you wish to do something more interesting and enjoyable, take out that  camera and make a video of the good times spent with your family or friends and upload it on YouTube, put up unique pictures of your childhood on your photoblog or upload your wild photos on Instagram.

Or, if you wish to do something else, learn a musical instrument, join a dance or theater group or just learn a new language.

Make it a habit to play a daily contest in the newspaper or solve the daily crossword. Nowadays, there are a whole lot of material to read in print and on the web.

You can surely find something of your interest that you enjoy and relish reading.

Blogging is a great concept, start on blogger. Making some cool graffiti is also a good idea.

woman reading blogs

Get involved with some NGO, and work for a noble cause. It is a good way of spending your free time and getting some mental peace. So, if you are a people’s person and kind at heart, volunteer for a good cause. Devote your extra time and energy to bring that rare smile on someone’s face.

Spend time with nature.

Keep a pet and pamper it, play with it. Do some gardening and spend some time with nature. It will refresh your senses and will make life better. Redecorate your surroundings.

Put up some brilliant and inspiring works of art, hang some pictures of memorable moments on your room. Change the color of your wall and put in some candles.

woman gardening woman pet dog puppy

If you are a dreamer, just think about pleasant things and situations and put them on paper, if you can play well with words, write some poetry. The pleasure of making a verse out of your emotions is unimaginable and unmatchable.

Another way to rejuvenate your life is to pamper yourself. Treat yourself at a spa, learn to love and admire yourself. Get a makeover done. Or else organize a spa party.


There are shades of life that remain hidden in your subconscious self. Explore this hidden side of your personality and discover some new talents within yourself.

Surprise yourself by doing a self-analysis.This journey of self-discovery will broaden the horizons of your life.

Most of us look for small problems in big things, instead learn to look for joys in small things, and see the difference it makes to your life. It will definitely help you break the monotony of life.

Regretting the past and fearing the future will lead you nowhere and will only add to your tensions. So, live for the moment. Involve yourself in something new, and try something you have never tried before.

And, whatever you do, have a passion for it. This can give you a pleasant deviation from your daily routine in life.

So, just take a few moments out of your boring life to search for an activity that presents your mind, body, and soul with an inspiration to positively look forward to a special and memorable tomorrow.

And remember that some great man has very rightly said, “Happiness is the journey, not the destination.”

So, throughout the journey of life, look for paths that give you a few moments of happiness and special and new reasons to celebrate life with verve and exuberance.
(Contributed by Lisa)

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  1. You must love your work and your specialization and consider them as a trust .. You must believe that there are no real enjoyment of life without serious work and fulfilling your duties.

  2. Make some friends, if you have time volunteer at a animal shelter or, elderly facility. I used to be like you & have done both. I used to read newspaper to the elderly for a few hrs. & they were so appreciative & also loved working at the animal shelter for a while. It has opened my eyes of how precious life is & you feel so good after you do these things.
    Just my opinion. Find something you like to do.

  3. Prabha2:56 PM

    Go shopping, travel to exotic places


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