Six Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Enhance Your Appearance

It’s no secret that our lifestyle choices can have a direct effect on our physical appearance. The following are six changes that are known to make a positive difference.

Turn In Early
The value of adequate sleep cannot be underestimated when it comes to our physical appearance. Most experts recommend eight hours to allow our bodies time to repair. While we sleep, our skin becomes refreshed, resulting in clean, clear, youthful skin as well as a reduction of visible wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.

Keep Moving
We all know the value of daily exercise in relation to disease prevention and weight loss, but did you know that the additional blood flow to the body creates a youthful and glowing appearance? While experts recommend 30 – 60 minutes of physical activity per day, new studies are showing that shorter time increments yield similar results.

Control Your Weight
We’re all aware that we reduce our risk for disease and that we feel better when we control our weight, but did you know that losing weight can make you appear more youthful? This is especially true if you work to keep your muscles toned.

Be Mindful of What You Eat
We know what to avoid, but how often do we think about fueling our bodies with the nutrients that contribute to our physical appearance? An expert from Chicago Weight Loss Clinic recommends examining what you eat for its nutritional value, rather than its caloric content. This helps you see what vitamins and nutrients you’re actually getting and where you have room for improvement. Adequate protein, healthy fats, iron, and antioxidants found in foods like lean red meat, fish, eggs, lentils, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and plenty of water all contribute to skin and hair that appear shiny, healthy, and vibrant.

Manage Stress
Tension and fatigue show on our faces, in our posture, and in our energy levels. Though managing stress is an important aspect of a healthy appearance, it looks different for everyone. Some enjoy taking walks, visiting with friends, listening to music, enjoying the creative process, prayer, meditation, or massage. Find what works for you and then seek to make it a priority.

Value Your Relationships
Our emotional status directly affects our physical appearance so investing time in relationships is an important aspect of our overall health. Working to ensure loving relationships with friends, spending time with family, and volunteering in your community are excellent ways of improving your emotional health and, by extension, your physical health.

As you can see, simple changes can have a tremendous impact on our appearance. With the hectic pace of daily life, self-care and appearance maintenance often falls to the wayside. Sleep deprivation, stress and a sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on our bodies, causing our appearance to degrade. Making these changes will not only lead to a happier, healthier life—they’ll keep you looking your best every day.

(Contributed by Emma Sturgis)

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