Five Ways to Look More Glamorous in Every Photo

Let's be honest -- we've all been tagged in that unflattering photo on Facebook, and we've all wished we could go back in time and fix our crazy hairdo or straighten up that crooked smile.

While nothing can make those photos go away (except that handy "Remove Tag" button), there are several ways to ensure every photo you take looks effortlessly glamorous.

1. Angle 

 The angle at which you take a photo can make a world of difference. Head-on shots are rarely flattering, but if you instead turn your chin slightly to the side, your features will have much more depth and definition.

Shots taken from above are also great for enhancing your beauty, so if you're taller than the photographer, take a seat.

2. Smile

Find it hard to avoid a big, cheesy grin when you take a photo? Think about something funny, or have your photographer tell a joke, and your smile will look natural and radiant.

For perfect pearly whites, swish hydrogen peroxide in your mouth before bed. It lifts surface stains and makes a great alternative to expensive teeth whiteners.

3. Hair

If your hair looks flat and dull in photos, you might consider upgrading your 'do. Get a fresh cut, experiment with a new color, or add some length with extensions, like the wildly popular Brazilian hair. For a quick flyaway fix, mist your hands with hairspray and pat your hair lightly.

4. Makeup  

Your makeup can make the difference between a decent photo and a glamorous one. Avoid wearing SPF products if you know beforehand that you're being photographed -- the light reflective properties will make your face appear shiny.

Use a blush that complements your skin to give you a fresh and healthy glow, and make sure your foundation is a perfect match for your skin tone.

5. Location

When taking a photo, it's all about location, location, location! You'll really stand out by positioning yourself in front of a light-colored wall, and it also allows the camera to white balance so your skin tone looks its best.

On the other hand, an outdoor location provides great natural light and adds interest to the photo. If you're feeling adventurous, scope out a lush garden or picturesque field.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, you want those words to be good! So, the next time you're in front of a camera, think back to these tips ... but remember, there's nothing more beautiful than just being yourself!

(Contributed by Karleia Steiner)

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