3 Reasons to Invest in Maternity Wear

When you’re pregnant, it’s easy to feel self-conscious about the weight gain and the difficulty behind moving around freely. It’s suddenly difficult to walk, sleep, climb the stairs and that can be a tough transition, especially those having their first child.

What you’ve got to learn early on is that it’s okay and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Gaining weight is a natural phase of pregnancy, even if we all wish it weren’t. The question is-- how do you adjust? It’ll be a long nine months if you spend them obsessing over your belly.
The best way to get used to the changes pregnancy makes to your body is to embrace them and come prepared. One simple way to get ready is to stock your closet with cute maternity wear.

Why is maternity wear so important?

Here are 3 top reasons you should invest in maternity wear when you’re expecting.

1. You’ll feel good about yourself.
To begin, maternity wear will help your self esteem return to normal levels if you’re struggling with the changes. Wearing nice clothes that fit your pregnant body will help you feel less self-conscious in public and in a shirt that fits just right, you may even admire how good you look with those new curves!
You’ll feel much better about yourself when you’re trying to keep stylish. It’ll give you something to think about in lieu of obsessing over your body.


2. You won’t ruin your old clothes.
Wearing your usual clothes until you can’t fit into them anymore results in stretching and ripping. No good can come from relying on your past wardrobe during your pregnancy.

A pair of jeans you once loved won’t fit the same way post-baby if you wear them too far into your pregnancy. They’ll be stretched and awkward when you lose the baby weight, not to mention how terrible they’ll make you look if you’re shimmying into a size smaller than what you should be wearing.
Tees are just as easily ruined. If you continue wearing your usual tees, they’ll be so stretched out at the belly that they’ll have to be designated sleeping shirts post-pregnancy.

It may seem a little pricy to pick up a new wardrobe for a measly nine months, but they save your other clothes from getting ruined. Besides, they’ll come in handy during the weight loss period and if you ever decide to have another child.

3. They’re made just for your body type.
Maternity wear is made specifically for pregnant bellies. If you’re on the shorter side, wouldn’t you choose jeans designed for petite bodies? It’s the same concept!

Since it’s made to fit you, it’ll look better on you, tight and loose in all the right places. If you just choose some cheap clothes in the largest size you can find, it will hang awkwardly on certain parts of your body and probably still be tight against the belly.

Don’t waste nine months feeling terrible about yourself—invest in some maternity wear now!

(Contributed by Sara)

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