3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Gum Surgery

Gum surgery has never been a fun ordeal. No one likes the idea, but when they need it, there is no fighting the inevitable. During the actual surgical process, there is not much someone can do but sit and wait, but there are several things they can do beforehand to make the post-surgery a little more bearable.

3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Gum Surgery
Give Up Indulgences Most gum surgery procedures will require the patient to fast the night before. Patients should try and eat a larger lunch because dinner will not be an option. Often, patients will not be permitted to drink anything for at least eight hours before the surgery as well. Smokers will also have to give up the habit for at least 12 hours before the surgery and will not be allowed to continue until 24 hours after, so they should be prepared for any difficulties involved with withdrawal.

Prepare a Post-Surgery Living Space
Once the surgery is over, patients will want a comfortable place to relax. So, patients should try to prepare that space beforehand in order to have it waiting when they come home. More than likely, a patient will not be able to lay flat on their back or side, so create a space with plenty of supportive pillows. Also, because of the medication and lack of food, weakness is to be expected, so easy entertainment, such as movies or music, can be a lifesaver. Another thing for patients to keep in mind is they will not be able to eat solid food for about three days. Because of this, they should stock the refrigerator with plenty of apple sauce and yogurt before going through surgery.

Keep the Days Open For a few days after the surgery, patients will more than likely feel very weak due to the minimal amount of food they are eating. Also according to Polo Park Dental Centre, many surgical procedures offer strong pain killers that cause the patient to become very groggy. Because of this, patients will not be able to work or go out for at least three days and should clear their schedules before going through surgery. It is also a good idea for a patient to make arrangements to have a friend or family member come and stay with them to offer assistance during recovery.

While gum surgery is never something to look forward to, it can go a lot smoother with the right pre-surgery preparation.
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