Girls Night Guide: 10 Activities to Pamper and Bond

Sometimes you need a night to bond with the ladies in your life. If you’re ready to hang out and have a blast with the girls, here are some fun activities to do together!

Girls Night Guide 10 Activities to Pamper and Bond
1. Spa Night
You deserve some rest and relaxation. Gather the girls together and prepare to rejuvenate! Get massages, backrubs and foot rubs throughout the night. Give everyone a steamy washcloth for their face to revive clogged pores. Play soft mood music in the background.

2. Watch your favorite movies
Great movies are meant to be watched over and over again. Have the girls tell you some of their favorite movies and prepare for a movie fest! Order a pizza and eat some of your favorite snacks throughout the night together.

3. Game night
A good old fashioned game night is always fun to do with friends. Gather fan-favorites like Monopoly, Twister, Scattergories and Apples to Apples. Try out games like Truth or Dare and Charades for fun.

4. Pamper each other
You know you and the girls need some time to pamper each other now and again. Why not indulge each other and have a blast doing it? Pick out pretty hues to paint your nails. Try out different cute hairstyles such as braids, and make a rope braid, fishtail braid or waterfall braid. The end result will be gorgeous on everyone.

5. Cook your favorite recipes
This calls for some time in the kitchen. Get together and pick a culinary theme for the night. A couple of people will bring dessert while a few others bring appetizers. Cook the main course together and you’ll have a fun meal to eat together.

6. Exercise together
Get a move on and bring out the spandex! Gather everyone together and do some exercises. Clear the living room floor and follow a workout film. At the end of the workout, have a healthy snack together.

7. Fun crafts Take the time to do those craft projects you’ve been meaning to do. Pick one or two for everyone to execute and place plenty of supplies out for each person to use.

8. Ice cream social
Make an ice cream bar and create your favorite creations! Get tubs of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream and place them out on the kitchen counter. Place out small bowls of sprinkles, cherries, chocolate chips, graham crackers and cookies.

9. Picnic inside
Make a picnic inside. Lay down a giant blanket, turn on some music and open the windows. Serve easy-to-prepare food and light some candles.

10. Play a season of a great show
There are plenty of great shows to see. How about marathoning a show that you’ve heard wonderful reviews about? Take a show that everyone’s been meaning to see and have a showing in the living room.

Make the most of your evening and hang out with the ones you care about. These fun-filled events call for no worries. Bond over fun times and enjoyable events like these.

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