Diet Not Working? 4 Safe Alternative to Weight Loss

The human body is wildly complex, and this means that there is no universal solution for weight loss. Many of those looking to shed some pounds will find that their diet and exercise plan is no longer enough, but they are unsure of what their other options could be. Here are four of the safest and most effective methods to trim off some weight when that new diet seems to have stopped working.

Diet Not Working 4 Safe Alternatives for Weight Loss 
1. Keep Cold Water On Hand
Staying hydrated is the single most important step of remaining healthy, but drinking cold water regularly may also help to shed some extra weight. This begins with the body needing to warm up colder water, a process that increases one’s metabolism and the amount of calories that they are burning. Having a cup of water before a meal is also one of the best ways to prevent overeating. The body often mistakes thirst for hunger, and staying hydrated will mean less calories accidentally consumed during each meal.

2. Get More Sleep
Sleep is not often associated with weight loss, but recent studies have shown that the opposite is actually true. Research has shown that ample sleep can have a dramatic effect on everything from one’s metabolism and energy levels to their willpower when presented with unhealthy foods. After a full night of restful sleep, the average person will consume 300 fewer calories than those that are chronically sleep deprived.

3. Hormonal Drops and Tinctures
Hormonal drops and tinctures, most notably HCG drops, are now being combined with low calorie diets for those that would like to drop weight as quickly as possible (Source: Intermountain HGC). HCG is often used alongside diets with as few as 500 calories per day for a short period of time. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a natural hormone that helps the body self-regulate its metabolism. This means fewer calories, greater weight loss, and fewer hunger pangs throughout the process.

4. Natural Appetite Suppressants
There are countless options when it comes to natural appetite suppressants that will make meals and snacks less of a willpower struggle. Typically, natural appetite suppressants should be consumed anywhere from an hour to moments before a full meal is eaten. The body will learn to naturally recognize when enough food has been consumed without overeating. Two of the most common suppressants include cayenne pepper and green tea.

When diet and exercise are no longer working, it may be a time to make some small changes to one’s daily life in order to spur on weight loss once again.

By Lizzie Weakley

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  1. Ragini3:23 PM

    dieting and the calorie intake. Always watch what you eat.

  2. Ateet3:25 PM

    cut about 500 calories from your diet, eat 3 meals and 3snacks a day, and drink more water.


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