How to Take Care of Dry Skin In Fall

Taking care of your skin varies throughout the year.  What may be best for summer will no longer work in fall or winter due to factors in the environment that a woman must face. To avoid dry skin problems in the winter season, it is best to prepare during the fall season.

What causes dry skin dry skin in fall to winter?
The methods of warding off the cold and the cold temperature cause the skin to get dry and rough. The fall is the transition to winter thus, the temperature drop, the air becomes drier, and the days grow shorter.
  • The harsh winds can strip the natural lipids of the skin causing it to dry out.
  • Cold, dry air has less moisture that hot or humid air.
  • The heat at home from a heating system can cause dryness as well.
  • Hot baths and showers feel great but bad for the skin.
  • The heat from the fireplace can toast the skin and lead to build up of dead skin.
  • Wool fabric can cause irritation when it rubs to your skin.
  • Hot caffeinated drinks or alcoholic ones can dehydrate your body because they are diuretic.
  • Winter sun is also damaging like the summer sun.
It would be best to counter the effect of the cold season by adjusting your skin care treatment to make it fall-appropriate.

How to take care of your skin?
The fall is the perfect time to exfoliate and moisturize your skin which was exposed to saltwater, chlorine, and sun in the summer. The following 5 skin care tips will help as well as beauty treatments.
  • Time to use hydrating cleanser that is free of soap. Scented soaps and soapy body scrubs can cause dry skin. Creamy body wash is suitable to use when you take a shower.
  • The chlorine, sun, and saltwater from summer may have caused your skin to feel flaky and dry. Begin the new season by having a full body exfoliation using and oil-based body scrub. Oil-based body scrub can do wonders to your skin because it also hydrates as well as exfoliates the skin.
  • The dry air calls for a thicker moisturizer so you have to use cream instead of lotion to moisturize your skin. Creams lessen loss of water from the skin because they have a stronger oil barrier and at the same time, provide hydrating effect.
  • To avoid painful dry, cracked lips this coming winter, start moisturizing your lips with a lip balm that is non-petroleum based. Groupon store have fabulous lip balm products for you to choose from.
  • Don’t forget to take care of your hands as they are affected by the change in season too. Buy hand cream to make sure that have you soft, smooth hands throughout the season.
Be prepared and stock up on beauty products for skin care treatment this fall. You don’t have to spend much as long as you have Groupon Coupon 2014 to use for your purchases at Groupon store.

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  1. drink lots of water and keep it moisturized try Olay Body Quench Body Lotion with Shea Butter for Extra Dry Skin

  2. Eleena2:30 PM

    There is no reason to shower more than once a day. Don't shower in very hot water.
    * Avoid the over-use of soap. Use a mild soap with a skin-friendly pH value.
    * Dab skin dry - don't rub.
    * Apply a moisturiser while skin is still a little damp.
    * Air your home, and turn down the heating.
    * Do not over-indulge in sunbathing. Excessive exposure to sun rays can cause dry skin, wrinkles and skin cancer.


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