Skin Tag Removal Methods

Skin tags are common skin problems faced by several people round the globe. To describe, skin tags are small skin growth or tumour that develops on normal skin. They are not harmful but can be painful except for instances, where it gets irritated by constantly rubbing on clothing or skin.

There are various skin tag removal methods with which you can easily remove skin tags. These skin tags are attached to skin by thin tissues termed as peduncles or stalks. They can either have the same surrounding skin colour or appear slightly pigmented. They can appear on eyelids, genital areas, neck, armpits or under skin folds, where frequent abrasion occurs.

Several people are more prone to suffer from this skin problem. Researchers have found that occurrence of this problem can be attributed to major factors such as obesity or fat especially in obese people. It has also been reported that skin tags occurrence could be hereditary as well. These skin tags are benign in nature and do not cause an adverse impact on the health of an individual.

Some of the common removal methods for skin tag are:
· Cryotherapy – This method involves freezing of skin tags to remove them. It is often done with the help of ligation and application of liquid nitrogen. Usually a copper or suture wire is wrapped around peduncle, before freezing the skin tag.

· Laser surgery – The cells of the skin in this method are completely destroyed with the use of a laser. This skin tag removal procedure too involves pain.

· Cutting – Before skin tag is cut off, local anaesthesia is applied to it. After the area gets numb, the doctor then cuts the skin tag away and stops the blood flow to the skin tag. Doctor may use scalpel or a pair of sharp surgical shears to remove the skin tag.

· Cauterization – This method involves burning off the skin tags by making use of electric current.

· Tying skin tags – Even though, you may not be aware of the fact but you can tie up small skin tags with the help of thread. The main reason for tying skin tags is to stop the blood supply to the skin tag. This in turn will darken the skin tag and slowly it will dry up. Once this happens, you can easily remove skin tags. One drawback of this method is that it can be rather tiresome, if you have numerous skin tags.

These are some of the common skin tag removal methods which your dermatologist may offer you. It is advisable to first consult dermatologist if you notice skin growths on your body or other type of skin problems. As skin tags are benign in nature, they are removed mostly for cosmetic reasons i.e. to enhance one’s appearance. You should understand that these minor surgical methods can involve some level of risks, so you must be prepared for it.

There are few topical applications which will help you to get rid of skin growth. Be careful at the time of selecting remedy as it can have side effects too. Therefore, it is advised to opt for natural skin tag removal solution which has been tested and tried before and also proves helpful in treating skin tag removal. Thus, with the help of these methods you can get rid of skin tags problem.

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Daniel Clark is a professional surgeon for skin tag removal in London. He likes to guide people about various skin tag removal methods and issues pertaining to treatment/removal of skin tags.

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