Going Beyond Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfates are your hair’s enemy. If you were a superhero, sulfates would be your arch nemesis dressed in a foreboding costume and seeking to inflict harm on you. Sadly, sulfates have surly sidekicks which also lurk in the shadows and try to harm you and your hair.

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The good news is that you have the superpower to eradicate evil sulfates (and other harmful chemicals!) from your hair’s life simply by educating yourself on the best possible organic shampoos to use for your particular hair type.

In this post you'll find some of the best tips for finding out exactly how to use your superpowers to have the best possible hair with the simplest changes to your beauty regimen.

All Shampoos are Not Equal

Some people assume that buying an expensive shampoo will guarantee that their hair will be healthy. Unfortunately, just a hefty price tag is not a sure-fire way to ensure that your shampoo is the best.

Even among sulfate free shampoos there is a large range of ingredients which can be helpful or harmful to your hair. Just cutting out sulfates may not be enough. Instead you’ll want to be a careful consumer who reads labels and makes shampoo decisions in an intelligent way.

This not only makes sure that your hair looks healthy, but that your shampoo is not harming your physical health in any way.

What Lurks in Traditional Shampoo

We’ve all heard about the recent trend toward sulfate free shampoo, and this is a good start. Sulfates are surfactant detergents which create the bubbles and lather which is in traditional shampoo.

However, it is also included in laundry detergents and other unseemly cleaning products which you would never think of using on your hair. Simply removing anything with the word sulfate from your shampoo may not be enough.

Other ingredients in traditional shampoo may be the same as those found in antifreeze or other dangerous preservatives. Even seemingly harmless ingredients, such as coconut oil, can be chemically processed in a way that can produce a carcinogenic (cancer causing) effect.

A good rule is to look for organic products that have the fewest number of ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

What to Expect from Organic Shampoo

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Because the sulfates which create lather are removed from organic shampoo, using it may take a bit of getting used to. For instance, you may need to spend a bit more effort massaging your new organic shampoo into your hair and scalp to make sure it is cleaning properly.

Also, because your traditional shampoo may have been stripping your hair of its natural oils (which are good for your hair!) you may find that it feels a bit dry or oily after the first several washings, or you may experience fly-aways or static.

However, give it a chance before throwing away your new organic shampoo. A couple of weeks of using your new product should be enough to re-train your scalp to produce its own natural oils in the proper amounts, and use a natural conditioner to provide the optimum amount of moisture for your hair.

While some people may be concerned that organic shampoo comes with a higher price tag, this should eventually balance out for you. Ultimately you may find that you have to use less shampoo and even begin shampooing less frequently because your body will begin getting accustomed to using your shampoo more efficiently.

This is great news for your budget as your bottles of organic shampoo may be more expensive than traditional, but you’ll likely find yourself buying it less often. One other side benefit of organic shampoo is the peace of mind you can have that you are taking good care of our earth.

In addition to saving your hair, you’ll also keep from washing all of those harmful chemicals down the drain and into the water supply. This is good not only for you, but for the whole community you live in and for the environment.

Compare and Shop the Easy Way

The good news about all of this information is that you no longer have to stand in the aisle at the drug store comparing all of the ingredients with mile-long names which are in your beauty products. Instead, you can do your research online and have your products delivered to your door in order to avoid the confusion and hassle.

Finding the best organic shampoo for you could never be easier! Plus, buying online allows you to comparison shop and get the lowest price on whatever shampoo you ultimately choose.

So if you’re thinking of going sulfate-free then you’re on the right track, but for the best possible hair you’ll want to exercise your superpowers and head down the path toward completely organic shampoo!

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