Ways To Make Your Eyes Pop When Wearing Glasses

When wearing glasses, it can be easy to feel hidden behind your specks due to the size and shape of your frames. Your eyes can easily go hidden, making it difficult to look yourself and feel comfortable in public. To make your eyes pop without ditching your lens, there are a few ways to enhance one of your most important features with a few simple tricks.

woman wearing glasses 

Apply False Eyelashes
To enhance the shape of your eyes and add more definition, apply false eyelashes before putting on your frames. The lashes will draw more attention to your eyes and allow them to look larger. Apply a coat or two of waterproof mascara to allow the lashes to look natural for an instant way of having an authentic look.

Use Liquid Eyeliner
Depending on your eyeglass prescription, it can be easy for your eyes to look smaller with your frames on. Enhance your eye shape by using liquid liner on your lid and create a stunning wingback look that is trendy and adds extra femininity. A gel liner is also ideal, which will last throughout the day and will allow your eye color to pop.

Shape Your Eyebrows
Your eyebrows greatly influence how much your eyes stand out and should be groomed each day for a polished look that looks professional. To draw more attention to your eyes, create a thicker brow shape with the help of an eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow that naturally fills in the hair. Tweeze stray hairs that are outside of the eyebrow shape every few days for a polished look.

Choose Frameless Glasses
Perhaps one of the most popular optical styles that can be worn by both men and women, frameless glasses offer a trendy look that doesn't hide the eyes and draws less attention to the glasses. Your features will be less hidden with frameless sunglasses, which can be tried on and purchased through a local optometrist like Londonderry Eye Care, an optician in Edmonton.

When it comes to wearing glasses throughout the day, you can still feel and look yourself with your frames by performing a few simple tricks before heading out for the day. Instead of feeling like your glasses are the first feature that people see on your face, you can now feel comfortable knowing that your eyes stand out and look their absolute best when wearing your frames.

By Savannah

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