Health is Wealth, hurry up to be rich

There are several practices in the world that are followed by the people to remain fit and healthy. One such practice is to attend the gym sessions regularly or joining a boot camp which is a popular fitness program organized in Sydney from time to time attracting the attention of a large number of people.

A boot camp is an opportunity for those who are strong willed to get a healthy body and a glamorous look. The clients join such camps organized by military persons or well acclaimed trainers from the gyms of the country who wish to help people attain the right kind of fitness at an affordable and reasonable cost. These trainers extend an expert hand to the participants of the camp and ask them to do the simple exercises in a well defined manner which is more scientific and hence more result oriented. There is also an inclusion of short breaks between the exercise sessions that exceed up to not more than an hour at a time. But there are several such sessions in a day.

Burpee which is a sort of strengthening exercise is performed by the people who are divided in small groups to participate like a team and have fun while gaining fitness in addition to the various other useful exercises. The nature of the workout schedule and the trainers are decided by the type of camp that is being held. The boot camp can be conducted under many themes that cater to the requirements of the clientele who wish to join it, for example - boxing boot camp, holistic boot camp, weight loss boot camp or a body reshaping camp. A holistic camp is meant to maintain the enthusiastic attitude in the participants even after they leave the camp. To maintain the high level of motivation is the most difficult factor to take care of in any fitness regime followed by a person. Since a general boot camp involves several participants at a time it is easy for them to maintain their morale during the training as they keep interacting with their fellow participants.

A boot camp can be either an outdoor or an indoor activity depending upon the total number of the participants as well as the nature of the exercises that the participants are asked to do there. The high intensity exercises are undertaken by the people who are otherwise medically fit and do not suffer from problems such as heart problem or respiratory disease. Since these diseases pose a threat to one’s life if he/she does a vigorous exercise that puts immense pressure on the diseased body part(s), it is advised to refrain from participating in such a boot camp.  It is the start of a healthy lifestyle from the day one joins a Fitness boot camp for the obvious reasons. One such obvious reason that can be included is the healthy body in a perfect shape and size that is now eligible to host a healthily functioning brain in it.

Summary: The different types of exercises are performed by the obese participants in different types of boot camps to lose weight and attain a perfect look.

Pamela is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as health and Fitness. She has been doing a study on Fitness boot camp in Sydney and she is sharing her insight here. She loves to travel and make new friends. 

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  1. Gayatri3:20 PM

    u shud do 15 mins jog daily, sit-ups, climbing stairs, lunges, crunches, leg raises, dance workout for flat tummy

  2. Reema4:12 PM

    Health is wealth such that is is what keeps you going. The Health does not only comprise of the physical body but of the whole person including the mental, emotional, social, spiritual and etc. So being healthy is not only having a fit and good body but also of having the balance of everything inside and out.

  3. Vaishali4:13 PM

    The better your health, the longer you can work, the more money you are able to earn.


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