5 Benefits of Using Face Primers Before Applying Makeup

Women go through all kinds of trials and tribulations when it comes to their makeup. The problems often stem from not knowing which products to use, continuing to try new cosmetics after we find the ones that work, and failing to understand the changing needs of our skin as we age (as well as the types of cosmetic adornment that are appropriate). The end result, of course, is often an unsightly mess. For some this means makeup that slips, drips, and smears throughout the day while others contend with patches of dryness that are only accentuated by their powders. Others simply look like they're wearing too much makeup. Luckily, there are solutions for all of these problems (although there's no accounting for taste). And using the right skin primer can help with many of your cosmetic woes. So here are just a few of the benefits of using one before you apply your makeup.
  1. Smoothing. Your skin is not baby smooth, no matter what you'd like to think. Even if you happen to be the rare lady lucky enough to have skin that has always been acne free, that doesn't mean you don't have pores and imperfections that can mess with your makeup application. And for the rest of us, fine lines, bumps, pock marks, scars, and the like can definitely derail the flawless finish we're seeking. Of course, primer doesn't get rid of these issues, but it can certainly help to hide them. It acts as a sort of barrier, sitting on top of your skin rather than settling. In this way it evens out a rough complexion to create a smooth surface for makeup application. So whether you're having trouble covering breakouts and acne scars or you'd like to minimize the makeup settling into your crow's feet, primer could offer an easy solution.
  2. Hiding. As we get older, many of us have to contend with redness, discoloration, splotches of pigment, and dark under-eye circles, amongst other flaws that we'd rather not face. While there are several cosmetic options to hide these many skin issues, you might be interested to learn that primer can help. In some cases it is already tinted, helping to make your makeup more effective without applying heavy foundation.
  3. Highlighting. Many face primers these days come with the word "luminizing" on the label. What this means is that they contain a shimmery product of some sort that helps to bounce light. The visual effect this produces is one of healthy, glowing skin before you ever begin applying other cosmetics. It's a good place to start.
  4. Oil problems. Plenty of women suffer from shine throughout the day, and applying more and more powder never seems to help, instead making your skin look cakey. Primer can help with this issue. As a barrier, it helps to keep your makeup from getting into pores where it can cause clogs and breakouts. But it also keeps oil away from your makeup, reducing overall shine throughout the day. With that and a packet of oil absorbing sheets on hand you needn't re-powder a dozen times a day.
  5. Eye makeup. Only a laser eye surgeon can remove puffy bags and lift droopy lids. But if your major problem at the moment happens to be eye makeup that simply won't stay put, primer can help. Because your eyelids are always on the move, it's no surprise that your shadow is dim and dull by noon and your other products are smeared. Using primer first will help to keep all of your eye makeup locked and loaded so that the next time you pop into the ladies room it looks as fresh as when you applied it that morning.
(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. I use gal primer.This product makes my face feel very silky and smooth when I apply it.
    --It has a very light, subtle berry smell
    --The product imparts a very subtle sheen of pink. I am fair really doesn't make a huge, noticeable difference.

  2. Leela2:46 PM

    If I'm honest Primer isn't really as good as some people say it is!
    And though Benefit is really good it's expensive.


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