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Skin tightening is gradually becoming a market demand for cosmetic purposes. Non invasive methods are preferred by most individuals and are growing in popularity. As the demand grows, the number of techniques introduced in the market for skin tightening is also growing. This includes multiple methods ranging from radiofrequency and intense pulsed light to the use of lasers.

Soprano skin tightening uses laser as a basic tool to acquire this.

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Skin Tightening and its Requirement:
The desire for looking young has driven most of the cosmetic industry forward in its market as well as technology. Skin tightening is an essential part of this. The common requirements include resurfacing and smoothing the skin or and reducing the sagging. To achieve these goals technologies have to be tailor made and get introduced in the market from time to time to satisfy the consumer demand and beat the competition. Like other industries, continuous improvement in the process, technology and the services is the key to beat the competition and this directly pushes the research on the topic to a new level.

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Method for Soprano Skin Tightening:
Soprano Skin Tightening is a new treatment. It applies near infrared laser technology and targets a high energy beam of high intensity infrared laser to lipids and connective tissue with the aim to produce dermal heating with the avoidance of pain and keeping in mind the patient’s comfort. It is claimed to be comparable to a hot stone massage as far as the comfort is concerned and can be used on all body parts. The process is easy and can be carried out with the help of a hand nozzle.

The dermal regeneration of the skin and its repair is done by the collagen shrinkage that occurs from the heating from the laser. Another factor adding to this is the micro thermal injury. This is complemented by body’s own healing process to further enhance the skin condition.

Being non invasive and not requiring anesthesia gives the process a further edge over its counterparts. On other hand it does not have a long post process healing time and the results are aimed to be long term.

The time duration and number of sessions are dependent on the area being treated and the skin condition. These factors can vary among individuals so the sessions and duration is individual based.

Although the first session apparently shows the difference in the skin condition of the patient, a total number of 6 sessions spread of 3-4 weeks are recommended for long term effects and proper treatment.

The service is provided mostly in the cosmetic clinics specifically equipped with soprano laser technology. The deep heat energy being used on multiple skin levels also offers contouring, reducing cellulite other than skin tightening and hair removal.

This laser technology covers most needs due to its flexibility in customization in line with the skin condition  and body parts to meet patients specific needs. This counters both, the damage from sun and aging.
The common body parts covered by the treatment are neck, face, hands, chest, belly etc.

Side Effects:
The treatment does not have any significant side effects; swelling, redness, residual warmth and tightness is often experienced after the treatment which goes away in a matter of hours to days.

Other Methods in Comparison:
The recovery time associated does not affect day to day activities and the method gets another point for preference over others.

Skin tightening can be achieved by surgical and non surgical methods depending on the requirement and costs. The methods that compete with soprano skin tightening are mostly the non invasive ones. Radio frequency heating is one of them. This method is a difficult one but has also been effective in different cases with the benefit that denaturing of collagen fibers does not result from this process.

Use of cosmetic compositions, though not as effective, is one of the mainstream skin tightening methods which can be applied directly to the skin in the form of a cream. Competing companies keep on releasing cream and gel based products that offer skin tightening by providing certain composition to the skin.
As compared to the soprano skin tightening, the cosmetics would be much cheaper but the radio frequency, ultraviolet treatment and other non invasive methods spun off from the laser and optics technology are in competition with the pain and side effect factor being the main for competing on.

The invasive technologies based on surgeries were used before the above technologies but the need for faster recovery periods and shorter commitments bearing pain and number of sessions and treatment types has given a green light to non invasive technologies such as soprano skin tightening. These promising safety and recovery factors in the technology being greater is a plus point, on the other hand patients with severe skin laxity are not recommended these methods.

(Guest Post by Victoria)

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  1. Kavita3:11 PM

    The Soprano Skin Tightening treatment can be used all over the body, but is most commonly used on the Stomach, Thigh, Arms and Buttocks.


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