Top 6 Tips for Getting Rid of Those Gray Strands

Gray hair is considered to be one of the most unwelcomed signs of aging for most people, especially women. It’s caused by a loss of pigment, which generally occurs as a person ages. Although, the first signs of gray hair might be noticed as early as 20.

What’s the secret on how to stop gray hair? First, let’s dispel a big rumor. Don’t believe the old wives tale that if you pluck one gray hair, two more will grow in its place. Not true! (Even if it appears as though your gray hair is multiplying.)
Here are ways to stop gray hair from rearing its ugly head:

Determine the amount of gray
Before forking over hundreds of dollars to remove gray hair, figure out how much you even have. In the morning while rushing around to get ready for work, those pesky gray hairs always seem worse than they really are. Give yourself a few minutes (perhaps before bed), and check your head. If less than 40 percent of your hair is gray, home coloring might be the best option.

Choose the right color
Whether you’re coloring your hair in your bathroom sink or heading to the salon, color is everything. If you have darker hair, choose highlights to add contrast and hide the gray. The best highlights are light blond or brown because they are lighter than your natural hair color.

Apply conditioner
Once the hair dye is applied and rinsed out, remember to cover wet hair with a thick layer of conditioner. This important step replaces the extreme drying affect that ammonia from hair dye can have on your hair. Without conditioner, split ends and wispy hair strands are more prevalent.

Top 6 Tips for Getting Rid of Those Gray Strands
If you observe carefully, you can see the gray hair. Notice how the lighter red color is highlighted by the gray strands. It doesn’t even look like gray hair!

Embrace it
This distinguished look is not the end of the world. Evaluate the coverage and throw in the towel when there is more than 90 percent coverage. The constant coloring leads to unhealthy hair, which looks worse than gray.

Get Away Grey
Get Away Grey Super Vitamin capsules are taken daily after one meal and are found to bring back your natural hair color from the roots. Take two pills a day and see results as early as eight weeks. The vitamins work with the existing level of Catalase and how well your body absorbs it. If you are not completely satisfied, Get Away Grey stands behind its 100 percent, risk-free money-back guarantee.

Wear a hat
In all seriousness, head scarves are making a comeback, particularly during the colder months. Any type of scarf, whether it’s a muted or sassy color, can add flare to an outfit. The combination of new and different ultimately distracts from hair color. Let’s be honest, everyone is going to notice your head attire before gossiping about your hair color.

This sweet sun hat covers gray hair and adds a level of fashion to any outfit. It’s perfect for the spring and summer months, plus it shades your face from any harmful UVA and UVB rays.

During the summer months, a sweet sun hat works wonders. It not only covers gray, but fends off those harmful UVA and UVB rays from your face. An added bonus is the avoidance of any sun wrinkles, too.

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  1. bleaching it first would be easier, and then dye it whatever color you wanted. ive seen girls whove died their grey and it looked good.

  2. Bindu2:36 PM

    You can also darken hair color at home by using a half cup of apple cider vinegar with a half cup of soy sauce as a final rinse after shampooing.

  3. Yashodha2:37 PM

    Gray hair is normal no matter what age, its just a loss of pigment. The only way to hide the grays would be to color it, but gray hair is harder to color than normal hair, so I would head to a salon to get it done professionally.


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